Being and becoming a successful blogger is not an easy task, its need Proper planning and passion about what you blog, if you want to see yourself as a successful blogger then you should respect those who are already gone through from the phase from which you are going to be.

I have seen many cases in which successful bloggers are hated by the new bloggers and other people, people should understand if they are successful then they works really hard their success is not a by chance success, that is the result of dedication and hard work, I have many friends who are Pro bloggers and many times they are hated by some people in many ways like click bombing, writing irrelevant things about their blog in Social media.

Most of time successful bloggers criticized by fellow blogger, nobody is perfect pro bloggers can also make mistakes and if you think something wrong in someone then always ask them and clear the issue but never de-motivate or criticize them.

I found some reasons by which successful bloggers hated by some People.

Revealing Income Report

This is the very basic reason by which a successful blogger become a victim of jealousy, when a blogger shows its income report with lots of money, some people feel jealous of their earning and they take this as show off, but the truth is that successful bloggers show their income report to encourage new bloggers, but some people think showing income report is the exhibition of their success which is totally wrong, after that they become the victim of click bombing and other harms.

Busy Schedule                      

All Pro Bloggers are very busy because  they have lots of work to do to in a day continue their work and business, and many times they are not free to respond quickly, and some new blogger thinks they don’t want to answer their questions because they are pro bloggers and they have an ego, but I always leave my message if I want any suggestion from a Pro blogger and they respond when they became free and Its works always.

Asking Simple questions to a Blogger

If you are asking a simple question to a Pro blogger like “how to submit a website in Webmaster”, “How to apply for Adsense” etc., Then you will get a simple answer “Google It” or no answer, because these kind of solutions already available on thousands of websites and you are wasting their time by asking such questions, and when they reply like that new blogger thinks they have an ego problem, but the truth is that if a blogger has an ego problem then he/she can’t be successful and they are successful because they don’t have any kind of ego problem, they are always ready to help newbies.

“Great people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.”

Success in Short Time

I have many friends who become successful blogger in very short time, which is a another reason of being hated by some people and fellow bloggers, but success in short time is not a piece of cake they work really hard for this and after that they achieve this success you can also do this if you work like them and think like them.

From the Movie the Social Network

“You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies.”

This post specially dedicated to all successful Bloggers who gone through these kinds of situations in their blogging career and all people are not same we all respect you and your dedication towards blogging, I request if you are reading this post Please write your experience in the comments, Pardon me if I have made some mistakes in this Post.


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