Before this blog I never had researched about my posts before writing them, I was having a Tech Blog which is almost dead now , I am trying to make it better again, I learned a lot from my mistakes but still making lots of mistakes but my fellow bloggers,  their Posts and their experience really help me to write better and motivate me every time.

I will suggest you to read Romy Singh’s Blog Geeky Writers , This blog will really help you to  improve your writing skills and you will get motivation for your writing from his awesome Posts.

Now lets discuss about the title of this post, “What kind of Blogger are You?” Looks different ! Yes it is..

When I start taking my blogging seriously, I created this blog after having discussions with many bloggers on Facebook and Discussion forums, I found there are mainly three kinds of Bloggers available as per their behavior towards other bloggers , their knowledge , skills and in other aspects.

Share everything what they know

These are the top class bloggers who share everything what they earn,How they earn from blogging. They are always ready to share their blogging success secrets with other bloggers and help them to grow faster, it’s not true that others are not Top class bloggers because they are also successful may be some are more successful than these kind of bloggers, but who shares everything from his den is loved by everyone, and get much more name and fame than others.

Share Little of their knowledge

We can say that they are new Pro bloggers, who knows many things but hide some secrets of their blogging success, they are also successful but still don’t want to share their blogging success secrets with everyone openly, maybe they don’t want to share some special art of their blogging , every Pro blogger is an artist and they know how to manage their blog to earn and grow more, but some bloggers want to keep it to limited people.

Less Knowledge but pretend like they know everything

These Attributes are mostly found in new bloggers who just step into blogging and getting little Income from their blog, they think they know everything and they can help everyone, they pretend like a pro blogger, I didn’t mean that they can’t be a Pro blogger, but it’s not a piece of cake to become a pro blogger, they worked really hard and spend their valuable time to stand their blog out of the crowd, you maybe already know these kinds of bloggers who pretends, they are very smart and they always shows you they know more than you, maybe they really know more than you but why to pretend to be oversmart,and blogging is a continues process, and all bloggers who already achieved a mark in their life they are still learning new things daily and they love it.

I can’t give any advice to Pro Bloggers they already know these things, But I will give advice to new bloggers, not all but some new bloggers really thinks they are genius and they can do anything, everyone knows the stardom of Blogging, It can really kill a blogger’s career, when a blogger becomes little famous in between their friends and colleagues because of his earning or some knowledge, his thinking changes and he start behaving same with other bloggers, I just say one thing Learn from those Bloggers who are successful, their calmness and their way of handling problems and other bloggers, it’s just my advice its on you to take or not.

At last :

These are the kinds of Blogger available as per my observation, Please don’t make someone feel guilty of their behavior , I wrote this post after observing many bloggers, Don’t take my words in wrong ways, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone I am just sharing my experience what I Observe till now.


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