Listing Top WordPress Plugins is a quite difficult task, because every blogger has its own requirements and it doesn’t matter if a plugin liked by you, that same plugin will be liked by other bloggers, But These are some Must have WordPress plugins which I Strongly recommend to all bloggers.

SEO WordPress Plugins

SEO Pressor

I think this is the one of the best SEO WordPress Plugin, but this is a Premium Plugin but every blogger recommends this plugin because of its simplicity and easy to use.

WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO

There are Two Most popular SEO Plugins one is All in one SEO and Another is WordPress SEO by Yoast, both are awesome Plugins and you can download for free, SEO by Yoast has more feature than All in one SEO but if you are a newbie you should go for All in One SEO, because its quite Easy to Use.

Social Sharing WordPress Plugins

Digg Digg Social Sharing

Social sharing Now a crucial part of blogging, and if you don’t use any Social shares WordPress Plugin then I will suggest you to use Digg Digg Plugin, if you want a floating share bar on your blog, I would suggest Digg Digg Plugin.

TF Social Share

When I was using Blogger Platform in my old Blog, there I use Codes to implement social sharing On Blogspot Blogs, but WordPress gives use awesome Power of Plugins, and I think this is the best Social sharing Plugin.

Plugins for Comments

Subscribe To Comments

This Plugin allows your blog visitors to subscribe comments to get updated on the conversation, they can easily unsubscribe,  This plugins really help those bloggers who write controversial articles.

Comment Luv

Comment Luv, I think this plugin is the one of the Most popular Plugin of 2012, Many bloggers Implemented this plugin in their blog, and This plugin available free and Premium, you will have many advantages if you use premium Plugin.


Grow Map Anti Spam bot Plugin, is the much better plugin then Akismet, because it never allows Spamming by Automated Spamming Softwares, where Akismet makes Normal comments as spam, by using G.A.S.P, you will have the total control over the Comments.

Cache Plugins for WordPress

W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is the most popular and most used Plugin for caching, used by many Top Bloggers, and This Plugin loads your blog much faster, if you are not comfortable in managing this plugin, then leave the default settings and just Enable this Plugin.

WP Super Cache

WP Super cache is the one of the Top Caching plugins for WordPress, This plugins is also used by many bloggers like W3 Total cache.

Security Plugins For WordPress

Secure WordPress

Secure WordPress Enhance your WordPress Blog Security, Many blogs got hacked due to small loopholes this plugin covers Important Aspects of Security.

Login LockDown

No Update from last 2 years but still works well with all new versions of WordPress, Login lock down the Records IP address for every Failed attempt of Login, gives Important information about hacking attempts.

Other Useful Plugins

Author h Review

Many of you write product reviews, gadget and Software reviews, this Author H review Plugin allows you to write better reviews which look more interactive and Author H review used by Top Bloggers.

Contact 7

A blog is to compete with a Contact form, and contact 7 is the Only Good Plugin for adding a Contact form in your Blog, You can easily add it on any page of your blog without any knowledge of Development.

I left many plugins which are also important, Like Google XML Sitemap PluginBroken Link Checker Plugin, These are also very useful Plugins for WordPress Blogs.

Please write some Word about which plugin you use from the Above and any plugin which should be on the List?


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