Blogging is a profession which needs proper concentration and Determination to achieve goals, But when we are working from Home there are lots of things which can distract us from our Path and our Blogging Goals. Everyone can have different problems while working from home, because when we are working from home people thinks we are free and we have lots of time to do other work.

It’s a general thinking of people that if you are at home that means you are always free, I am blogging from last one year and I found many things which can distract a blogger from Blogging.

Household Related work

When you are working form home, you can’t do your work properly in daytime, because mostly in all families we have to work like shop for daily needs , some other kind of works if you are at home you need to maintain your proper blogging schedule that’s why most of bloggers like to work at night, I think all my Mate will agree with this point that they like to work at night because of same problem.

Movies Addiction

If you like watching movies this will be the biggest distraction for your blogging, by using the internet we can watch each and every movie at home and you already knows one movie can take your precious 2 or 3 hours, and when you are working for yourself then you don’t have any pressure and concern to answer someone, we are free to work anytime and this is the reason that we become more addicted to watching movies.


If you are in a relationship with someone, there is a possible chance that your relationship can come in the way of your Blogging, because when you are in a relationship you always like to talk with your partner and wants to spend more time with your partner, so its true that relationships can distract you from your path not  only in blogging but in any kind of business.

Sports Events

I love watching Sports like many people but when some sports events start we stop working and start concentrating on that event, and we spend less time on our Blogging, and now a day’s sports events are coming back to back, which create problems for those who loves sports.


Many bloggers love Video Games and like to play games on their system in free time, but some games are really addicted like if you love gaming and you are playing an Action game in which you have to finish the Missions then you will surely try to finish the game as early as possible till then you will spend less time on other works and more time in Gaming.

Facebook Addiction

Using Facebook is a part of blogging because we use Facebook to promote our articles, Facebook really helps blogger to be a part of the community and it helps blogger to be in touch with fellow bloggers, but sometimes we spend more time on Facebook by doing unuseful things.


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