Text messaging goes way back to 1992, when the British computer engineers sent the first text message which consisted of 2 words only. Messaging has evolved since then to include more than just words, but images, gifs, stickers, emojis, and even videos. Thanks to the “M suggestions” platform, which is relies on highly complicated artificial intelligence, whenever you type a message on the Facebook Messenger, you are accompanied by a fellow “M” which pops up to suggest to you elements which are of relevance to the content of your message.

The most popular suggestion suggested by the M helper, for example, in 2017 was sharing stickers relevant to the content of the message, mostly about greetings and wishes. There are now over a hundred million users benefitting from M by the end of 2017, a number which is prone to rise in 2018 as per the expansion planned. M is found to serve 10 countries using 4 languages by the end of 2017; however, these numbers are to be multiplied in 2018 and onwards.

The Messenger also has been developed to be more personalized through helping in messaging not only our friends and family members, as well as our different contacts, but also the businesses and different brands that we are interested in. Businesses of all kinds are supported by the Messenger, helping create easy and abrupt communication between the business and the customer. In 2017, for example, each month there was a total of 2 billion messages sent between businesses and customers on Facebook.

Therefore, the Facebook Messenger is on the roll to be your best messaging platform.



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