I am not going to share any secret this time but I am sure You will find this post useful, Thousands of blogs are using these methods to monetize their blogs, and you can also monetize your blog conveniently with these techniques, here I am sharing various ways by which you can monetize your blog, these are the most conventional advertising option for a blog, but I am not going to share any AdSense alternative, these are just monetizing options not AdSense alternatives, many bloggers addressed you that Infolinks, direct advertisements are AdSense alternatives but these are not alternative.


Google AdSense is the component of the whole Google world, and Google allows web publishers and bloggers to get paid via their ad program, in which Google takes some commission from your income.

AdSense is the facile and Most effective ways to monetize a blog, most of the blogs are running only on AdSense Income, and AdSense is the best option for Bloggers but it’s quite difficult to get approved for an AdSense account.

 Infolinks Ads

If you can compromise a little with the look and feel of your website, then you can apply Infolinks ads on your Blog, Infolinks is a contextual ad program, which allow you to monetize your blog with in-text ads, Infolinks is one of the most used ad network because you can use it with your AdSense account.

Sponsored Post                      

All large publishers use this approach because they have high page rank and Good Alexa Rank and traffic, if you have good Page rank and Alexa then sponsored post is also a good option to get returns from your blog, but you should decide properly that you are ready to accept sponsored post, most of new bloggers get page rank in their first page rank update and they start accepting paid post or sponsored post, which may kill their blog value.

So be careful before accepting any sponsored story on your blog, make sure you are getting the perfect amount as per your blog reputation.

Direct Advertisements

To attract advertisers you need to make your reputation in the blogging world, and if you have enormous traffic and your blog is reputed, then you can start offering direct advertisement on your blog, all you need to do just create a advertise page for your blog and mention all details about your blog, and how advertisers can get benefits from your blog by advertising.

If you have Good Page Rank and Alexa then you can get Direct advertisements easily, You should read my post How to attract advertisers.

Paid Reviews

If you are able to get thousands of followers of your blog then your opinion matters a lot, if you write a Good review then your followers will try the product , and for the same work some softwares and application development companies pay you to review their products and if you find useful then you can write reviews on your blog and in return companies will pay you.

Affiliate marketing is also very similar to paid reviews, but its not easy to get returns from affiliate marketing, you have to do lots of research and study before applying it on your blog, affiliate sales can give you much better results but you need the trust of your readers.

Paid Services

You can run your blog as a business, if you have knowledge then you can offer paid services to your visitors and readers, there are millions of people in the world who are not good Computer and technical related Stuff, so you can offer troubleshooting services of their daily problems through Teamviver like I do.

Many bloggers offering these kind of paid services, so you can also start if you have knowledge and enough experience.


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