We all know that social sites can drive immense traffic to our blogs and websites, but many bloggers mostly depend on the major sites like twitter, Facebook and linked in, most of web publishers ignore stumble Upon, because it looks like just another bookmarking site, but it’s not true, StumbleUpon can give you 2 times more traffic which you are getting from Facebook, I tested this and I found that I was wasting my time in sharing my links on Facebook groups, In my older post you will find how twitter gives me highest referral traffic.

After that I started my work for Stumbleupon, I was using stumble upon but not regularly but from last 3 weeks I am using it on a regular basis, and found big change in my traffic stats.

Now as per my stats I am getting 2nd highest traffic from StumbleUpon, and Facebook is in 3rd place, so you can understand that we waste our most of time on Facebook and Facebook gives less benefits than others.

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I am going to share some tips by which you can generate huge traffic from StumbleUpon.

Complete your profiles

stumbleupon profile complete value

When you submit a page you get traffic instantly, that’s why most of new stumbler thinks that its not compulsory to complete the profile, but it takes only few minutes of you, if you fill up your profile you will get more followers and consideration from others, and if you make everything obscure then you will not get anything.

Be Active

Stumbleupon is just like a social network, and you have to connect with other users to get more benefits, if you are using it just for bookmarking then it will not give you admirable results, so first thing is to be active as much you can, follow other users and always appreciate the work of others.

Submit wonderful Pages

Never submit pages in bulk, if you spam with your links then you will get ignorance from others, so always submit pages at regular intervals, submit only 3,4 pages in a day, and spend the rest of time in surfing the site and networking.

Your content makes you popular on Stumbleupon, and stumble works for you only if you get the likes on your links, one like gives you the guarantee of another page views and more likes means more traffic, which means if you submit one useful link that can give you massive traffic.

Categories Your Link and Create List

huge traffic from stumbleupon

When you submit your page, you asked for to choose categories for your link, you can see above Image, also add relevant tags on your page link, then you can add pages, make sure your language is English because non English pages gets less traffic from StumbleUpon.

If you submit your pages properly then you will get lots of visits to your blog and websites, wrong categorization means you are spamming and one unlike on your page can ruin your whole profile.

Use Su.pr

Su.pr is an URL shortner service by StumbleUpon which will make you crazy, when you use Su.pr you will find your traffic from stumble upon increases 3 times which is wonderful, when you tweet your articles or links I will suggest you to set the URL with stumble Upon URL shorter and then tweet, if you use Su.pr shorter your page will have a StumbleUpon toolbar which helps others to stumble your page easily.

More Images More Stumbles

As per my experience, I found that image rich content always gets thousands of stumbles in a few weeks, which means stumblers loves graphics and Images, it means infographics works really well in StumbleUpon  and if you have videos and other media elements in your post you will get more response from stumble Upon.

These tips will surely help you to drive traffic to your blog from StumbleUpon, just focus on quality content then you can easily get tons of traffic from StumbleUpon.


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