The domain name is a very important part of your blog, your domain name gives you unique recognition on the web, there are basically two types of Domain names.

Keyword Based Domain

Keyword based domains are those domains which contain some keywords related to your blog niche, for example,, You can see these domains contains some popular keywords like “blog tips” and “bloggers tips”. So if you are thinking a keyword based domain then you should do a proper keyword research generally its very difficult to find a domain with exact keywords because most of them are already registered.

Brand Based Domain

Brand Based Domains are those domains which are unique and never used before in any way, for example, etc. these names are not related to technology in any way but still they are popular because they created their brand value in the market. It’s on you to which kind of domain you want to choose for your blog, keyword based domains are very crowded and there is heavy competition and brand based are easy to select but hard to build the brand value.

Some Tips before registering a Domain name

Unique name

Uniqueness is very crucial for domain names, because there are many extentions(.com,.org,.net) available and if you choose which is already registered in some other extension then you will find competition for that  name unwillingly so always consider unique names which are not taken with any extension.

Always chose Dot-com Domains

Dot-com domains are popular and internet users are used to of dot-com domains, so always prefer dot-com domains for your blog, and if you want others then you should register both with dot-com extension or other extension which you want to pick.

Easy to remember

Your domain name should be easy to spell and easy to remember, if you choose typical vocabulary then you will face many difficulties, Most of internet users are not native English speakers so choose the domain name which is easy to remember and simple to spell.

Avoid long hyphenated URL

If you are very serious about blogging then NEVER choose hyphenated URL, they will kill your blog branding, for example if you pick a domain name like “”, it will look very odd and most users avoid these kinds of URL because they irritate with lots of Hyphens.

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Register Domain for Long Time

I would Suggest you to register your domain name for a longer period if you can afford, there are many benefits of registering a domain for a long period, Search engines shows more interest in your site because you are going to run your site for a long time, there are thousands of domains registered daily only for spamming, so if you can register for more than 1 year then it would be perfect for you and your Internet startup.



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