I am not going to share any tips related how to win a giveaway or contest, I am writing this small blog post to inform you about the fake giveaways.

There are thousands of bloggers who run giveaways on their blogs most of them are genuine, but a few days before I found some blog owners are running giveaways on their blog and winner were their friend or their fake profiles because there was no prize in the giveaway.

How to Find a Genuine Giveaway

Blog Quality

There is no doubt that giveaways are the great way to promote a new blog or website, but if you found that website quality is low and the content is not that good, you can understand if a blog owner is giving away iPad and some other expensive items then he can afford other things like premium theme, good logo etc.

So never participate in a giveaway of cheap looking website, it will really hurt your social profiles, because it looks that you are just sharing their link but if you share a low quality website then it will hurt your reputation.

Owner Trust

If the giveaway is started by a reputed blogger who has a successful blog, then you can participate without any investigation, the reputation of a blog owner is more important than anything else. Nobody will spoil his reputation by fake giveaways.

May be a blogger working on a new blog and he has a successful blog already then you can trust that owner because he has a reason and potential to pay for the giveaway.

Check Sponsors

Most of the giveaways sponsored by others, so if there are sponsors for giveaways then giveaway will be genuine you can participate.

Sponsors name will be on the giveaway page so you can check the name of sponsors for that giveaway.

Previous Giveaways

You can also check previous giveaway by the same blogger if you find them genuine then you can participate in the current giveaway.

You might be thinking that why should I do that much research before participating in a giveaway, there is a reason behind it , your each share and like is very important and you may not think about it, but it really matters when your followers get updates from your activities they found your likes and follow ,it means you are in favor of that blog and your followers will also follow the same blog.

So be aware before joining any giveaway on the web, your social influence is your power on the Internet and you should not waste it by liking and promoting fake things.


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