Facebook has been determined to maintain their position as the world biggest social network. It knows exactly how challenging this can be, and therefore it created a plan of 20 points to develop so that Facebook reaches its ultimate form by the year 2020. These 20 points are, as per the Facebook website, as follows:

1) Omnicultural identities: People will embrace more personalized, complex and fluid means of self-identifying.

2) New negotiations: As technology evolves, so will the relationship between people and brands.

3) Next-gen work: As they grow in number and influence, millennials will transform work as we know it, prioritizing purpose and flexibility.

4) Beyond ageing: People are living healthier and more fulfilling lives – and they’re living longer.

5) Shopping near and far: People use e-commerce both to support local businesses and shop globally.

6) TL;DR: People are consuming information faster on mobile – especially younger generations.

7) Mobile video explosion: Our appetite for video on mobile is not just insatiable – it’s biological.

8) Going live: People will increasingly expect to share (and share in) more multisensory, collective online experiences.

9) Fluid realities: People can already imagine how AR, VR and everything in between will enhance their lives.

10) Catering to context: Voice may be on the rise, but context will determine which mode of engagement works when.

11) Convergent commerce: More people now discover, consider and purchase items using mobile.

12) Invisible differentiators: People will increasingly spend their money with whoever delivers a fast, frictionless mobile experience.

13) Very personal assistance: People will expect the right content, products and experiences to find them via mobile.

14) Messaging means m-commerce: People are using messaging apps to pave new paths to purchase.

15) Loyalty lock-in: If convenience is king, then loyalty will be measured by subscription and automation.

16) Solely mobile: As billions gain access to smartphones, many will rely on mobile as their sole means of getting online.

17) Crucial connectivity: Around the world, people prize and prioritize their mobile Internet access.

18) Application consolidation: As the apps that people use most often continue to grow in functionality, a smaller set of core apps may become one-stop shops.

19) Everything connected: The Internet of things gains traction as more people connect their smart devices, appliances and even cars.

20) Building on mobile: Many emerging markets have leapfrogged past landlines and computers, building their own mobile-centric universes.

Facebook’s plan seems very promising, and we are looking forward to seeing it applied on the ground.





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