Facebook messenger is witnessing a series of updates and enhancements to take place in 2018. The Messenger users can expect a whole new look of the application in the new year. David Marcus, the Vice President of Facebook, states that “Not only will you see more from Messenger in visual messaging this year, but this is where the industry is heading, and we will not be looking back.” He said that Facebook is constantly seeking ways to make the application better and to provide a better experience for its users.

An example enhancement in the application is in the group chat, where users enjoy features such as reacting to an individual message, the ability to mention an individual, the possibility of adding or removing people, the ability to make a live video group chat, in addition to several other tools that make the group chat an enjoyable messaging experience.

Marcus adds that this is only an example and more is yet to come. He states that “We are looking at investment in messaging experiences not only from global brands, but also small businesses who need to be creative and nimble to stay competitive.” Marcus concludes by saying: “Now we are setting our sights on 2018 to make Messenger the best way to spend time together when you are apart, or to make plans to spend more time together in the real world”. It is worthy to be noted that Facebook Messenger has reached a user base of over 1 billion users, with the number constantly increasing.


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