Instagram has been one of the social network gurus, with billions of visual content shared on its platform. However, Instagram has been also the platform that has helped many businesses to reach success, through reaching and attracting more customers and marketing about the different products and services. Instagram now has over 25 million businesses running, reaching hundreds of millions of existing customers and potential customers.

In the auto industry, for instance, Maserati and Renault have gained a lot of success through their Instagram accounts. Maserati’s new SUV Levantes and Renault’s new Twingo Twighlight have been on the lead of the cars having much interaction on Instagram. The different images and videos posted on the accounts of the 2 companies have been a partner in their success in the different markets.

Even the food industry has seen a lot of activity on Instagram. Heinz ketchup and Lay’s potato chips have used the visual social network to expand in the markets of Brazil and Russia, respectively. The different visual campaigns on the accounts of the 2 companies resulted in a huge number of followers, leading to expansion and success in different parts of the world.

To conclude, Instagram is not to be thought as only a personal relations network. It can be a very effective tool to help the different businesses in the different markets throughout the whole world. These business success stories are increasing, and more are expected to come to the horizon in 2018 and beyond.


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