Success counted with Money

Most of the bloggers considered as a successful bloggers by their income not by their skills blogging passion and talent, and in blogging success always counted with money , if you are earning huge then you are successful , but I have seen many bloggers who were really passionate about blogging, but now they become successful so their passion is gone and they work only to earn money, I found many blogs which are not earning that much but their blogging skills are really tremendous, so there are still some people who still blogging for their passion not for earning money.

Professional bloggers always Blog to Earn

If a professional blogger says that I blog because I am passionate about blogging, then it’s a big lie , if a person chooses to blog as a profession then he/she will always blog to earn money not only for passion. Money is more important if you are a professional blogger , People choose blogging as a profession for living,so you are blogging for money that’s why you depend on your blogging for a living.

New Bloggers blog for Money

As per my experience Now 90% of bloggers blog for money and 99% of new bloggers start blogging only to earn money, they influenced by the income of Pro bloggers and that’s why they start blogging to earn like them, if you are earning decent money and then you told a person that you earn from blogging, then he/she will be very curious how you earn from home by blogging, because they think blogging is full of convenience and they can also earn like you, and if that person starts a blog then he/she will blog only for money because they influenced by your earnings and they will blog for money not for passion.

Passion is not Important to Earn from blogging

You can earn from blogging without any interest and passion but you can’t be successful if you don’t love your work, just take an example like you are a software developer but don’t like development you will surely earn as a software developer but you can’t be a successful software developer because you will never get dexterity if you don’t like your job same as blogging, you will earn but not like Pro bloggers.

“I am Blogging for Passion” Is it true?

You heard these words from many bloggers, but is that really true,  ask yourself ?

My Answer its true I accept that I blog for money and name, everyone wants to be successful and I am a normal human being , my wishes are also same but if you think money money all the time then you can’t earn like a Pro Blogger.

May be many Blogger will not accept this truth, but only few blogger blogs only for passion not for money and rest blog for money and passion comes after money.


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