Traffic is the lifeline of a blog, without traffic you can’t do much with your blog, no matter your how good writer you are, if you are not getting traffic to your blog is just like a showpiece.

These Social Bookmarking and Social networking websites are really good to drive huge quality traffic to your blog, these are very easy to use, but make sure your content should be worth sharing, and never try to spam your links to these websites. Visit at least twice in a week and vote and comment on others it will take just a few minutes and submit all your posts. Visit at least 3 times in a week and  vote and comment on other it will also take just a few minutes and submit all your posts. Tweet your old and post daily.

Must Read : How I use Twitter to Increase Traffic Submit your post with appropriate categories and describe, description can be used same as which you use in your meta. Submit your post with full details. Groups and wall sharing, connect your Facebook profile and fan pages with twitter and use HashTags in your wall and fan page timeline posts. submit your post with tags and category, also use urlshortner to share your post on Twitter and other networks, it will double your traffic.

Must Read : How I use StumbleUpon to Increase Traffic Try to visit as much you can it will improve your connectivity and increase quality to your blog. Go to interest dot com add pin and it will find all images from the url, pin all of them which are related to your post with appropriate title and board.

Http:// Share on your linked in profile, complete your profile, join groups related to technology and our related niche, and share your all posts on those groups.

All these websites are very popular with huge number of active users, and I am using them for my blogs and website.


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