If you create many blogs and if you deal with WordPress sites regularly, then this tutorial will surely help you to save your precious time, I am providing WordPress Installation Service so I need to install many WordPress scripts in a week, now a day script installation is quite easy all hosting providers are providing One click Installation for WordPress , but installing WordPress is not enough to run a successful and healthy blog.

After installing WordPress the plugins takes lots of time in installation, we need to install all important plugins for our WordPress blogs, and we can install multiple plugin by uploading them via FTP, but that will take time to upload all the files and before you need to download the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory, and if you have downloaded before  then they may be outdated.

There are few WordPress plugin available for bulk installation But I like the plugin Bulk Plugin Installation, it’s easy to use and you still use old style installation after installing this plugin.

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WordPress is the One of the best CMS till now, and WordPress allows remote plugin installation directly from the plugin directory, and this plugin uses the same method, instead of installing plugin one by one, this plugin allows you to install WordPress plugin in bulk.

Now I will show you the use of this plugin by which you can install many plugins with one single click , all you need to do is create a List of WordPress plugin which you want to install, and their WordPress Repository link.

Step 1

Download WP Plug-in Bulk Plugin installation, this one plugin will help you to install WordPress plugins with one click.

After  installing activate the plugin.

Step 2

Then go to Plugin Tab and Click Add New

 add new plugin in bulk

Step 3

Now you will see a text area, paste the list of all plugins there and click install now.

multiple installtion

Final Step

You will see the progress of the installation, after installing all the plugins activate them.

confirmation of plugin installationIf you are facing any kind of problem in your WordPress and Plugin installation then you can contact me.


  1. Oh man, how much WordPress plugins are here. Really WordPress plugins make wonder with just a few clicks. Found the bulk plugin installer useful thank you for sharing it.

  2. This plugin is very useful when some one just started his blog and knows what all plugins hez gonna use it.
    It will be a time saver ;)

  3. That’s really awesome plugin. So all we need is a long list of plugin sources.

    Still, I guess the method does not work for premium plugins as they are not hosted on WordPress Repository.

    However, its good to install the common set of plugins all at once.

    And finally, do we need to wait for page refresh after we click on Activate link for each plugin?

    • Hi Suresh,
      Yes this is an awesome plugin for those who install WordPress regularly for others, you can create a list of common plugins which used in every blog and you can install them..
      It will not work with premium plugin but the premium plugin is available in WordPress repository means like comment luv you can use but you have to purchase separately if you want premium features.
      Means for premium plugin you have to do manual installation.

      Yes you have to click activate button then page will refresh same as when we activate multiple inactive plugins we do the same procedure here.
      but still it saves lots of time!

  4. Hi Nishant

    Thanks for Sharing this Plugin… This plugin is very useful for wordpress users… :)

  5. Nice explanation Nishant for the new bloggers and even for old who just want to set up the blog in less time.

  6. nice share bro
    if we set up new blog, we can create a list and install all at once

  7. Wow. I just installed a new WordPress website and found the solution on your blog. Thanks for saving my time. I was looking for the similar plugin to save my time

  8. That’s really awesome plugin. So all we need is a long list of plugin sources.

  9. Waoo Awesome plug in It will save plenty of time to install plug in and mange the blog with ease and effectively.

    Thanks for providing it :)

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