If you’re a blogger, then you know that an important aspect of blogging is getting feedback from readers. Generally speaking, the best form of feedback is getting comments or mail from readers. Writing and having no feedback in return, does not look like a great thing.

Getting feedback, no matter the topic, is connected to creating a high-quality blog. So, the majority are not commenting. Only a few are sharing the content. What the heck do we, as bloggers, need to do to engage readers?

The Feedweb Plugin:

feedweb Plugin

When searching for a way to get more feedback from readers, I understood that I needed to find a way to make the whole process of giving feedback much simpler. That is where Feedweb comes in.

Feedweb, at first glance, is just a big rating widget that stands out, as opposed to the star-rating widgets. In actuality, the Feedweb plugin has one feature that is so much more important than getting a rating and that is collecting feedback from readers on what they think of the content of a certain post.

Feedweb Plugin Features

For example, when one of my previous posts a while back was on Facebook groups that all bloggers should join. In that post, had I inserted the Feedweb widget, I could have asked:

  • Will you join one of these groups?
  • Are Facebook groups helpful?
  • Would you be interested in similar stories?

In addition to the “rating-widget”, Feedweb has also created a beta version of a content aggregator and audience-engagement monitor.

Feedweb plugin Stats

It seems that the goal of the monitor is to give bloggers and site admins the opportunity to judge content quality. Through asking questions in the Feedweb widget, all results are then viewable for analysis in the monitor. I must state that at this time, its beta version is not as helpful as other types of analytics, but I suppose there will come a time at which the monitor will track much more and allow for cross-checking more than one item at a time to compare results.

The content aggregator is very simple, but that maybe its downside. After using it once I can say that it drove to my site just about 10 visits-which is not that much, but better than nothing. I have heard from other bloggers that it can drive, on a good day, close to 60 visits, so I will have to wait and see if that happens.

With all of its features:

  1. Feedback-collecting rating widget
  2. Audience-engagement monitor
  3. Traffic from Aggregator

It seems that there is really no downside to using it. I have only just begun using it, but on the post that has Feedweb there is no difference in the page’s loading time, than other pages without Feedweb, which is a huge plus.

Feedweb is simple and useful, and it is a good plugin. If Feedweb were to improve the styling of the widget, and drive more traffic via the aggregator to our sites, it could become an A++ plugin.

There is no replacement for comments, and other verbal feedback. However, there is no doubt that giving readers an option to give feedback by only answering binary questions (yes/no) is a good alternative, for both readers and bloggers.

Want to give Feedweb a try?

Download Feedweb Plugin


  1. That’s a good way to make the blog more interactive and it’s a totally different approach considering the time taken to comment and time taken to vote.

  2. That was helpful! But putting that in action is quite difficult..Btw I love what you write! You are such an inspiration.

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