Important Twitter Tips which I learned Last Month

Nishant Srivastava

Hi! My name is Nishant Srivastava, author of Geek Blog Tips and Founder of Filmy Keeday. I'm BCA Graduate I love to explore web and new Technologies, you can Find me On Google+, Facebook and Twitter,Sign up for our free newsletter!

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25 Responses

  1. Hi Nishant,
    Thanks for sharing simple, basic but very useful insight about Twitter.

    I have tried to get traffic from Twitter but didn’t get much luck but after reading your article I would like to give it another try.

    I know many of my friends who is getting decent traffic through Twitter.

    Lets see what will happen this time.

    • Hi Sandeep,

      Twitter needs time to work, and I know you are very busy you have lots of things to manage and its not easy to use twitter regularly for a busy person, Hope you will get huge traffic in this attempt, try to be active from smartphones if you are not with PC or laptops.
      All the best!

  2. Amit Shaw says:

    Wow Really Great to See that you are getting 75 Visit per day from Twitter. . . Thanks for mentioning me Nishant. Best of Luck.

    Hope it will be 1k Within 4 Months :)


  3. Ravi Verma says:

    Yes Nishant !!! Twitter is a gr8 source for refferal traffic , if it is used properly. I was doing same as you. But from last last week I am using twitter more than Facebook, its quite easy and interesting more than Facebook.
    You have provided nice way to use twitter using #tags and @mentions.
    I apprericiate… :)

    • Hi Ravi Verma,
      I think most of new and some old blogger doing this, that’s why I wrote this post to motivate those who are doing what I was doing…
      Thanks for sharing your experience..
      How much traffic you get from twitter daily?

  4. Ravi Verma says:

    These days m lil bit busy,so unable to update myblog regularly.,,, but most of traffic m getting is refferal which comes from twitter and other social website… :)

  5. sahil says:

    Hey Nishant, Thanks for sharing the multiple benefits which we could get from Twitter.

  6. Marc Bell says:


    Great actionable tips! I’m an active user of JustRetweet and I get alot of addition traffic from there but I’ve never used before. It looks like a neat organized platform.
    Using twitter as a source of traffic takes time and patience, but once the momentum starts it’s basically on autopilot.

    Thanks Again!

    Marc Bell

    • Just Retweet is an awesome service, I won a giveaway on, and after that I start using Just retweet, it driving traffic and retweets.

      And I agree with you Twitter needs time, you have to be active for a long time to get regular returns from twitter.
      But once you start getting traffic you will find twitter is best from all other Social Sites.

      Thanks for sharing your Experience in Comments!

  7. At first, I also thought that twitter is useless. But when I started using JustRetweet and Hootsuite, Twitter starts generating some traffic for me.
    Hootsuite really a good tool to manage twitter account effectively. It is better than the normal homepage of twitter.
    At last, Thank you for nice sharing. I wasn’t aware about @mention. I will try it out.

  8. rakesh kumar says:

    The most important trick which you have shared in this post is #hashtag and sharing and mentioning other users.

  9. Joe Boyle says:

    Over the years, I’ve grown to really love social media – it’s a fantastic idea and tool that can help create powerful relationships, generate amazing leads, and really help with your overall online efforts. We’ve just run into a small problem over the years – social media is, quiet literally, becoming unsocial media.

    If you take a look, for example, at most of the tweets on Twitter, you’ll likely find that the majority are being scheduled and sent out. Ping services and scripts send the majority of tweets – not real people. There’s far less connection to others now than before. Social Media is becoming a wasteland of link spamming and blind hope, really.

    Thus, it is extremely important to do two things – share valuable content (not just links, messages are meant to be shared), and make connections with others. Reach out to people. Talk to them.

    Great post, keep up the great work!

  10. Nice post @Nishant. I will follow you tips :)

  11. Ravi budhwar says:

    Good traffic from twitter but i am getting very less traffic from the twitter and also the reason is i am not active on twitter but will try to follow you.

  12. Sapna says:

    Hi Nishant,

    I’m here from Amit Shaw’s post and find your blog really very interesting.

    I’m totally new to twitter and use it just to tweet, not very well versed with the insights.

    Your post has kept me focussed till the last line and now feel that I need to adopt twitter as another social media platform.

    Thanks for sharing these.


  13. Adam says:

    Start conversation with the fellow bloggers and appreciate their work by RT at regular intervals.

    Share some great post once in a day or at-least use “twitterfeed” to pull out the tweets from your favorite blogs. :)

  14. Great post dude. Nice tips. One more tip that is worth mentioning is that we have to be active on twitter. This incident happened to me. When I stopped blogging and working on internet for an year previously, later after I resumed, I lost lot of trustworthy contacts. So being active on twitter is important.

  15. Thanks for the shout out Nishant, glad to know you learned something from me about Twitter. Keep up the awesome work on Twitter, It can be really useful and beneficial for you and your blog.

  16. Twitter is great platform for sharing unique contents. People who failed in twitter is because they are totally interested in Facebook with friends only, we have option to link Facebook with twitter and Twitter with Facebook so we can use any one platform and get most traffic from Twitter also while posting on Facebook …

  17. Thanks for this. I’m just starting up with a new blog and had totally forgotten about Twitter. Need to get on it – thanks for the reminder!

  18. Hello Nishant bro,
    I was using twitter but unaware of its proper use yet. This article is little old now, but seems very helpful in my blogging career as I was unaware of any of the above mentioned tips yet. Thanks for sharing :-)

  19. Nitin says:

    hii nishant
    i am using facebook as a social media to improve traffic and was unknown to twitter but i think i will definitely improve my blog traffic by applying these tips.
    thanks a lot for sharing these tips… it will be definitely helpful for my blog

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