fake giveaways on web

I am not going to share any tips related how to win a giveaway or contest, I am writing this small blog post to inform you about the fake giveaways.

There are thousands of bloggers who run giveaways on their blogs most of them are genuine, but a few days before I found some blog owners are running giveaways on their blog and winner were their friend or their fake profiles because there was no prize in the giveaway.

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How to Find a Genuine Giveaway

Blog Quality

There is no doubt that giveaways are the great way to promote a new blog or website, but if you found that website quality is low and the content is not that good, you can understand if a blog owner is giving away iPad and some other expensive items then he can afford other things like premium theme, good logo etc.

So never participate in a giveaway of cheap looking website, it will really hurt your social profiles, because it looks that you are just sharing their link but if you share a low quality website then it will hurt your reputation.

Owner Trust

If the giveaway is started by a reputed blogger who has a successful blog, then you can participate without any investigation, the reputation of a blog owner is more important than anything else. Nobody will spoil his reputation by fake giveaways.

May be a blogger working on a new blog and he has a successful blog already then you can trust that owner because he has a reason and potential to pay for the giveaway.

Check Sponsors

Most of the giveaways sponsored by others, so if there are sponsors for giveaways then giveaway will be genuine you can participate.

Sponsors name will be on the giveaway page so you can check the name of sponsors for that giveaway.

Previous Giveaways

You can also check previous giveaway by the same blogger if you find them genuine then you can participate in the current giveaway.

You might be thinking that why should I do that much research before participating in a giveaway, there is a reason behind it , your each share and like is very important and you may not think about it, but it really matters when your followers get updates from your activities they found your likes and follow ,it means you are in favor of that blog and your followers will also follow the same blog.

So be aware before joining any giveaway on the web, your social influence is your power on the Internet and you should not waste it by liking and promoting fake things.


  1. Hi Nishant, Good article bro!! I too found some fake Giveaway in one blog where they just make us to promote their blog for free. I must follow all the tips which you have mentioned above because I really love to participate in the Giveaways. Thanks for sharing this great tips bro!!

  2. Hi Nishant,

    Great Post !

    Yes, there are may fake giveaway on many site! and i am cheated on one giveaway you know na :P btw! great Article i think this post is warning for who create pirated content Giveaway.

    Thanks a lot for Writing :)


    • Hi Mosam,

      Yes I know your story, I really hate those kinds of giveaways when a blogger gives you nulled themes and plugins as a prize.
      Hope everyone will understand, you can share your story in comments for other readers!

  3. Hi Nishant,
    Great Topic Buddy..!!
    Really Need this time..
    These days I can see Lots of Giveaways daily on net and it’s really very difficult to know who are genuine or not.
    and I know I have participated some FAKE Giveaway’s too.. Just got to know after reading this article.. Thanks a lot for the share!

  4. Yes, I haven’t got any of the giveaway …….. even I have participated in many :(

  5. Great article Nishant, specially in the indian scenario, when bloggers are not able to pay small amount for premium themes or plugins but organize huge giveaway. Bloggers reputation and sponsors, these two points are must if you want to check a giveaway.

  6. Dude, recently I noticed some people announcing their friends / relatives as winners! In a giveaway which I participated 1 year back, I worked very hard to promote it, earned maximum points as I can, I promoted it like hell! and later the blog owner’s friend is declared as winner :P From that day, I’m being away from Giveaways…

  7. Hi Nishant,

    I usually read very less post by reading the Title on FB, but since I am myself soo much involved into the giveaways, this post just dragged to me read it! 8-)

    Between are you sure that there are fake giveaways? I am asking this because, its been over 2 years that I have been organising giveaways @ TTW, I must have organised over 100 giveaways; announced over 1000 winners n gifted over $50, 000 gifts for sure; and out of this, none was fake!

    Apart, I had once participated in the giveaway on the site -> The Internet Buzzer, where I had won and received the price & then my bro/friend/partner i.e. Atish Ranjan had participated in a giveaway, which was apparently the 1st giveaway of the website, where he had won a tablet! 8-O

    Its really a sad news if people have been organizing fake giveaways to attract traffic! :-( I hope this forged trend stops! :-)

    • Hi Zenil,
      You are right and I know about the giveaways on TTW, I know Atish very well and his all blogs are genuine and his giveaways are 100% genuine, I am talking about those people who do this for the sake of traffic, and I have mentioned all the points by which you can find a fake giveaway, and your blog is old you have experience of organizing giveaways your past is good with giveaways so everyone will love to participate in your giveaways..

  8. Hi Nishanth,
    well post is very nicely written !! Your selection of topic for writing article is really very impressive !! coming back to post, i have won domain name name hosted by Avijit on skyhitblog. Fake Giveaways creates a bad impression about Giveaways. Thanks for sharing !!

    • Hi Srikanth,
      Thanks !
      There are many genuine people, like Avi Jit and Atish Ranjan their giveaways are always genuine there are some more…
      but few new bloggers start giveaway of nulled themes and plugins..
      and that is a disaster situation.

  9. Hi Nishant,
    Thank you so much for sharing this info. I have been participating in giveway contents from the past 10 months. I didn’t take them seriously. But, after reading your article I was thinking how some scamsters duped people with free giveaways. I’ll be very cautious before getting into any contest. Your post is quite informative. I have bookmarked your page dude.

    • Hi Suresh,
      Yes this is a eye opener post, I hope you won some of the giveaways, you should always check before participating in any giveaway..
      it destroying your social influence among your followers.

  10. You have covered such a great point in this article that I don’t have words to appreciate you.

    I am 100% agree with you Nishant.

    This is the thing to think upon that how a blog owner who himself is struggling to earn his/her first penny online is starting a giveaway of Micromax Canvas 2, Galaxy Grand, Galaxy S3 and many other big brand things as giveaways.
    I always have bog doubt on such giveaways but I kept my mouth shut for long time.

    The points you mentioned here are great.
    we should check blog quality as well as blog owner’s reputation. If anyone fails then don’t participate in such crap giveaways.

    Newbie bloggers are using this as easy tool to drive huge traffic on their blogs and at the end you will not see any known person as a winner. Every time winner will be the person whom you never saw online or which is just a 20-30 old Facebook profile.

    So my suggestion to all of you, don’t participate in such giveaways because you are not only wasting your time but driving huge free traffic on giveaway organizer’s blog.

    Again congrats for this great topic.

    • Thanks Kulwant for appriciating my topic.

      Some of my Facebook friends complained about the fake giveaways from a long time, and one of my friend Mosam gor got nulled genesis framework as a prize, then I decide to write a eye opening post, this post is not too long but still my motive of writing this post is clear and easy to understand by everyone.

      Punchtab giveaways allow us to promote with own refferal link to earn more points and many bloggers are promoting fake giveaways.

      Hope they will understand now!

      Once again thanks for reading!

  11. Well written article dude! Most important point is the blog’s owner reputation

  12. This is such a wonderful and valuable post.Learn alot from this one.

  13. Very well written Nishant. The trust is the most important factor here, one should not fall prey to giveaways and contests just created for traffic flow. When I participate, I just check one thing, the content quality of the blog / site. If the content is good, 99% times the blogger is genuine and so is the giveaway. And if the blog in as “article directory” i.e. blog full of spammy guest posts, then better avoid such giveaways.

  14. That’s a great post Nishant.
    Nowadays there is a trend to start giveaways to get traffic. But most of them turn out to be just fake and nothing is delivered as promised.

    You could add a few other points that will help in recognizing if a giveaway is fake.

    1) If the prize is huge, like a high-end gadget or something that costs huge money, and the blog is not that popular – no ranking, no traffic, no comments. That means the giveaway has big chances of being fake.

    2) The same goes if the blog is giving away something big and there are no sponsors. No one will organizing a big giveaway without a sponsor unless the blog is very popular.

    What do you say about the above points ?

  15. Some Good Tips for people who often participate in Giveaways (like me :P). Till now I have never come across such fake giveaways since I mostly participate in Giveaways which are organized by bloggers that I know. Even If I do not know the blogger I do check the “trust factor” of the blog, the quality of the articles in the blog, whether its a newbie who is organizing the giveaway and if there is someone who is sponsoring the giveaway. This way it saves me from wasting my time on fake giveaways.

  16. Excellent and much useful awareness! Well, yes sharing low quality websites will put a bad reputation amongst the followers/readers. And totally agree, social influence is very important and one should not waste it by promoting fake/low quality things. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  17. Hey Nishant nice post about giveaway yes we need to check the stuff as you have mentioned.If we shared the low quality ones which will hurt our reputation among the readers its makes them to stop visiting our blog.If we give them a valuable information sure they will love to share among others

  18. Great tips bro! ya I too heard there are many sites which use giveaway techniques for promotion of they website.

  19. Hey Nishant, as usual great tips on how to find a giveaway is genuine or not. Thanks for sharing the fab points.

  20. yeah great article Nishant
    we have to check blog’s quality, owner faith and every little things other wise we are cheated, thanks nishant for this idea.

  21. Awesome tips to find out the fake giveaways.. Recently i also faced the fake giveaway issues. The thing is i was the winner but the blog owner never contacted me nor replied to any of my emails.

    So the lesson i learned is : First check out the giveaway is genuine or not.

    Thanks for the tips.

  22. yeah great tips NIshant many people just do believe that the give away is genuine but they do not know that they are just cheated, so this is a effective article for us who participate in these type of contests .

  23. Hi Nishant,
    Now a days fake is growing in every where,it is vary difficulty to find this is true.These tips are help me a lot and thanks or share with us.

  24. Just check details about the owner of the site and his Online prescence.

  25. Really cool article…very nice observed and noted each and every point … :)
    thanx for such articles. it really tells us how bloggers can break the trust with loyal readers just for promoting their website…:)

  26. Nice tips Nishant, it really gives good insight into blogging community, where some bloggers are faking up this traffic building activity for their own advantage. These fake giveaways really scare away loyal readers in future from genuine contests.

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