Facebook rules the social media world, no matter how many likes or dislikes it. It was the site that made social media as an crucial part of our daily life. Today, we are using social media platforms for a variety of functions.

If you got a product or service, Facebook is the best place to promote your product or service. And the best part of such promotion is that, for a large part, it is free. Even though it is free, you can really achieve a lot of audience for your business. And if you really have some money to spend, then you can attain targeted audience, which will positively boost your business.

get most from facebook Fan page

Well, free or paid, you’ll need to apply some tactics to keep your subscribers stay. So, today we will be discussing 3 Facebook fan Page Tips to make your Facebook fan page more attractive and you can also Increase fans on Facebook.

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1. Don’t Be An Absolute Spammer :

Yea, it’s true that you are promoting your business through your Facebook page and you’ll need to frequently update posts related to your business.

But never be an absolute spammer. Not every subscriber will mentally like every post in your fan page, and if he/she feels that your page feeds are destroying their Facebook Wall, then they’d simply unsubscribe from your fan page.

Now the only way to keep your subscribers stick to your page is by posting a variety of posts covering related topics with your business with pictures.

For example if you’re running a fan page for your restaurant, then you can frequently update other posts like “The Most Popular Dish In Your Locality” etc. giving your readers extra knowledge and information regarding the topic of your business and locality. Eventually, they’ll feel your page more interesting. And yeah, don’t forget to use picture while publishing such posts. Posts with attractive images always catch more attention.

2. Interact With Your Subscribers or Fans :

Interacting with subscribers doesn’t mean to contact them personally. Instead interact with them as an authority. Interact with them on behalf of your business, so that they can address you with any issues, suggestions or compliments they have.

Another way to interact with your readers is by asking questions to them. For example if you run a web hosting service, you can inquire response from your clients. This will make them feel that you’re customer support is awesome and also it will help you correct mistakes that your clients point out.

Facebook fan pages give you an option to conduct polls in your fan pages. You can use this feature to take polls, do comparisons etc. and get more attention of your subscribers.

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3. Update Regularly :

One common mistake that admin’s of fan pages do is that they don’t update their page frequently. As I said earlier, do update your page regularly with stuffs related to your topic and also don’t forget to promote your business itself. Always make your page interesting and lively. Don’t stick to a similar kind of posts or don’t always promote your business only.

Make sure you make your subscribers feel that you care more about them and would like to help them by all possible ways. If your subscribers feels your page useful, they’ll not only stick to your page but also will surely recommend it to their social media friends and connections.

Hope these Facebook fan Page Tips will help you to Get the Most out of your Facebook fan Page, these tips are simple but effective, you have to interact with users to improve your Facebook stats.


  1. Yes you right Nishant bro.People in facebook just spamming all day even in many groups but they don’t get any good traffic from Facebook because of their wrong promoting method
    .Your tips are good and must be considered to promote blogs fan page on facebook.Have a nice day..

  2. I manage a few Facebook pages with a few thousand fans, and over 10,000 fans. So, I’m able to see a diverse set of tendencies. I would say that it depends on your niche, the frequency at which you should post. Also, if you are location-centric, or global.

  3. Hello nishant,
    You have given me some good point which take my blog fan page to next level.I try to communicate with my fans through messages.Sometime,i also talk with them personally and solve their problem which they faced while working on their assignment.

  4. You have mentioned 3 important points here and yes if we follow all these points then definitely today or tomorrow you will get success which could be taken for sure

    Siddhatha Sinha

  5. Really Great Information… It Helps me a Lot. I think You Will Post More About the Same…. i think you have more content related to the same topic.. ? if you have then please post more….

  6. Nishant I have one Facebook page with over 10K likes but I am very lazy to update it. Now I will try to generate some traffic with it.

  7. Syed Faris Hussain says:

    Facebook expert here and a few tips from my side if NISHANT you allow me to share :)

    – Post at-least 3 pictures a /day
    – Schedule post can help you to active your page
    – Don’t post only 1 site links
    – Human activity is important
    – Timings is important

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