Reasons Behind Twitter Suspension 

Twitter is not a platform for just updating status every now and then, spammers,  Blind followers and Abusers. The biggest mistake people do is, never read the Twitter TOS (Terms of Service), One must read it and abide by the rules of Twitter to prevent suspension. To get your account reinstated is time consuming and not so easy. So it is much better to avoid Twitter suspension and get a smooth twitter life. Twitter is very serious about its Rules and they take serious action against Twitter citizens who do not follow their rules.

Suspended Twitter Account Twitter Dead

Common reasons/ mistakes for Twitter Suspension

Aggressive Following – You want users to follow you and for that you start following people aggressively or use tools to start following people aggressively. The most common mistake we do and gets suspended.

Aggressive Unfollowing- People get highly mistaken that only aggressive following is the reason, but aggressive unfollowing is also one of the major reasons of getting suspended.


Spamming is another big reason for getting suspended. Sometimes users start spamming their favorite celebs on their birthdays, or start spamming twitter by posting the same message again and again to different users. This behavior leads to a suspended account.

Getting Blocked By Twitter Users

When you spam people, they usually block you. Avoid getting blocked by people, Twitter suspects your account and it might get your account suspended as well.

Posting Duplicate Content

Ever saw this message, “Whoops!! You already tweeted that!”.  If you are getting this error again and again, you might be toying around with one the rules of Twitter. Avoid duplicating content to have a smooth access to your twitter account.

Multiple Twitter Accounts

You might get all your accounts suspended, avoid making multiple accounts. With passing time, Twitter is becoming stricter.

Do Not Abuse

Twitter is very strict for people who abuse, or use foul language. Don’t abuse hashtags, trending topics, celebs, @replies. This practice will surely get you suspended.

No Phishing, Malware and Vulgar content

Twitter won’t allow you to post misleading and vulgar content. If you want to get suspended, it is the easiest way to get suspended.

How to Get Back Suspended Twitter Account 

Need Help for Twitter Account Suspension?

twitter account suspension

Twitter is trending these days, you follow your favorite celebs and keep tweeting. But what happens when your Twitter account is suspended??

Nothing to be sad, when we are here. Here are some cool easy tips to Unsuspended your suspended Twitter account so you can again tweet and follow your favorite celebs and friends.

How to check If the account is actually Suspended

The first step is to check whether your account has been suspended or not. Open Twitter page, and login to your account

Suspended Account-Reason

You must know why your twitter account is suspended. Accounts are usually suspended when you violate Twitter rules or sometimes for investigation of hacked or compromised accounts. If you have followed all rules and there was no point of suspicion for account hack or compromisation then you can contact Twitter.

Whom To Contact

You know your account is suspended and you know the reason too. Now you must contact twitter support-

There you will find “Account Restoration“Link, click and fill out the form.

Apology Mail

Once you know the reason or suspect a reason, you can write down an apology to twitter or you might ask them for the reason and apologize for the same.

Make sure to acknowledge that you understand your mistake and convince them that you will make sure that it won’t happen again.

Twitter Reply

Twitter will respond you via email, But it might take some time. Have patience and don’t keep mailing them or filling the forms again and again.

Once you receive the email, reply them accordingly, and you can copy paste the apology letter you sent earlier with this mail to expedite the process.


  1. Great piece of information and I agree, i have never read TOS of twitter. Will read it right away and will follow it so i can keep tweeting :P

    Thanks :)

  2. Thanks Nishanth for reminding these Twitter rules and nowadays everyone must be careful enough to handle their own twitter account..

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