Social Media Marketing strategies that really Work

Sohan Jayasinghe

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18 Responses

  1. Pramod says:

    Great Tips Bro ! I think images play a very important role in this context useful images speak louder than words and images attract people more than anything else…one should never ignore images.


    • Sohan says:

      Hi Pramod.
      True. We can give lot of ideas from image.Image speak thousands of words.That’s why we have to use images for every blog post. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Rohit Singh says:

    Agree with you Sohan, but i think quality and consistency in blogging is the key to factor in Social Media Marketting :)

    • Sohan says:

      Of course Rohit. Quality and consistency contents always help to to improve our ranking, traffic and social media marketting. Its key for blogging success. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Abrar Tariq says:

    These are great tips, which will for sure increase user engagement and very likely increase visitors conversations too. Infographics are also really great not just investing in infographics, but even if you copy info graphics it won’t make much harm. ( obviously not regular basis). I’ve seen many leading blogs doing this.

  4. Martin says:

    Thank you Sohan. There is a TON of research about consumers and the respect they have for brands who are socially responsible!!!

  5. Sohan says:

    Thanks for your valuable comment Abrar. Social media marketing always helps to get fast traffic.

  6. Aisha says:

    Social media is how people communicate these days. I often get asked if I saw someone’s tweet or Facebook invitation before they even mention anything else. Although social media is crucial and it will pay off (I hope!), employers need to be aware of the importance of social media and how it can improve their business – rather than viewing it as a fun activity for employees.

    • Sohan says:

      In social media helps to get communicate with more peoples.So,its more efficient way to promote our business and help to retain new customers and the existing customers.More customers more sales.That’s why we have to focus social media marketing.

  7. Kuldeep says:

    Hi Sohan, this is an awesome post on social media marketing strategies as now a days social media plays a very vital role in our lifes. Therefore thanks for sharing this informative article with us……..

  8. Joe Hart says:

    Hi Sohan,
    Thanks for this informative post.Social reviews in my opinion is something to ponder.I know a few firms which has hired specialists online marketers to generate word of mouth publicity.You never know when something will go viral.I think investing on such techniques have become a necessity as search traffic is becoming an inconsistent source for many of us.

    • Sohan says:

      Thanks for your comment Joe. These techniques are really works.There have lot of specialists available for hire.
      But,make sure we have to find good specialists for it. Otherwise you will loose money. However my opinion is do it yourself as you can.

  9. M Gajendra says:

    Yes its works i already try to promote my website, i get awesome web site traffic… really good content..

  10. Hi Sohan,
    Thanx for sharing such a informative and helpful article.Your content and tips really helped me a lot to increase online visibility of my website.Social media has become an important part of our life and promotion of business organisation also relies upon social media.Nowadays many organisation are hiring specialists and adopting many techniques to implement social media marketing.

  11. Aparajita says:

    Superb Post, Thanks for sharing, worth reading :)

  12. Janis Pettit says:

    Nice post .some tips are very good
    thank you.

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