Recently I saw a status update on Facebook-

“Sorry princess, I know my baby doesn’t like a haircut, mumma is sorry sweets, don’t cry!!! Will never take you for haircut from now on. Smile now my princess”

Strange and funny, how can Facebook status console her daughter??? And she would have said this to her daughter herself, why Facebook status updates??? Is that what we say Facebook addiction is??

Are you a Facebook addict too?? Daily status updates, of what’s happening in your life, how are you feeling and Status updates of things you should be conveying in personal to your friends or relatives?

If you think you are not an Facebook addict, Test yourself:

Stay away from your Facebook for 2-3 days.

Or Deactivate your account for a few days.

Unsuccessful? it means you are suffering from Facebook Addiction Disorders.

Ways To Overcome Facebook Addiction

Facebook Addiction Disorder

Use Apps to help yourself

If you think you can get rid of this addiction slowly and gradually you are mistaken. Facebook addiction is slow and silent, and its answer is Apps made to help you leave this addiction. With the rapidly growing addiction of Facebook, these applications are getting all the more famous and necessary for all Facebook addicts. For eg: – Stay Focus is a Google Chrome extension which is very useful.

After Successfully completing few hours you can start deactivating Facebook for 1 day or 2 days then for a week and so on.

Optimize your News Feed for Less Updates

Optimize your News Feed right now without any further delay, Most of the updates came from Fan Pages and friends, so you can optimize your news feed as per your need, hide updates from all fan pages and friends,and turn off notifications from all useless groups.

You can Optimize your notifications from Facebook Notifications Settings.

Make it Productive

Time is Precious and we all know it, We waste time on Facebook and we know that too. Now when you guys have deactivated Facebook account, optimized your News feed, If you are still addicted to Facebook then make it productive for you, if you use Facebook from office and any other place then you should join Facebook groups and discussions on Facebook which helps you to build your career, for example you are in IT Industry so you can join groups related to IT Jobs, Technology ,Programming. There you can learn a lot about your Industry and it will help you in your successful career.

By using Facebook you can get invites for the Events in your city, you can meet Facebook people in real and this is one of the best way to utilize your Facebook addiction.

Get a Real Life, Get a Girl/Boy friend

Don’t laugh at this one, you really need a real life. Facebook is making you a Virtual World Slave, Yes!!! A SLAVE. You need to get real friends, real girl/boy friend to spend time with rather than virtual friends and/or Girl/Boy friend.

Limit your Status Updates

Have a look at how many status updates you do on Facebook daily? Limit your status updates to half of what you used to do. You have to reach at maximum 2 status updates in a day.

Limit Your Clicks “LIKE”

Click “LIKE” only on status, pics and videos you really like, don’t hit Like to any and everything. Clicking Likes has become a serious symptom which also spread this addiction of Facebook more viral.

Limit your Friends

Do Not accept every friend request you get on Facebook. Having a maximum number of friends is not a medal on your profile, It is more risky for your profile when you add strangers, not only for you but for your friends as well. When you like a pic of your friend, all people in your friend list can view it. These strangers can be fake profile or hackers, who can hack your profile, misuse your personal info or your friends. So Beware!!

Give Facebook as a treat to Yourself

You don’t complete your work because you are on Facebook. Complete your work and give Facebook as a treat to yourself for completing your work. Don’t forget to fix time for this treat and No cheating.

No Facebook through Mobile

If you are a Facebook addict, Stop using Facebook from your mobile. It becomes all the more handy to keep a check on Facebook from the phone. This is a must.

No Facebook at sleeping time

Schedule your sleeping time, and Do Not use Facebook, 1 hour before and after your sleeping hours.

Are you still addicted to Facebook?
Test yourself by methods given above.

If yes, follow the steps again without cheating.


  1. It isn’t very difficult to get rid of Facebook addiction . I have tried it many a times during examinations (when i was studying in the college)..I deactivated my internet connection and before deactivating it , i told my elder brother to change password of my social network accounts without sharing them with me and it worked for me . Your suggestion of limiting the number of friends on Facebook is good and i had never thought of this before . Thanks for sharing the information .


  2. Hello Nishanth,

    If we control the addiction of facebook we can really achieve something big. I know most of the intelligent bloggers are wasting their time at facebook rather than working on blogs or other projects.

    All the mentioned tips are quite awesome but it needs one to follow.


  3. Hi Nishant, nice topic dude……….. Yes, it is true that now a days it has become difficult to be away from facebook. I really appreciate your thought and idea of sharing such a nice post………… Thanks

  4. Hi Nishant,
    Social media killing our productivity and we should have to avoid this if we want to do some in life. You mention Facebook here which is spreading like a virus so we should care about this. Thanks for this inspirational post.

  5. I am too addicted to facebook, just because of that I can’t concentrate on my blog too. I want to leave facebook but just because of addiction I couldn’t leave. I think I should implement all your tips.

  6. Hey Nishant,
    It was great to read something abt recovering from Facebook addiction.
    Great Post Nishant. I am goig to do some experiments from this lists.

  7. Hi Nishant,
    Really nice tips,Facebook is like two sided you have to use it carefully and you have to use it like pro and avoid addiction of FB.

  8. Lesson learned : Go find a girlfriend! :D
    Aage badho kahte chalo, satyamev jayate. :P

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