Hosting is the backbone of any website, a bad hosting can ruin your reputation of your website, and also it creates a bad impact on your clients and your website users.

If you are a PHP developer or if you create websites in HTML or WordPress then Hostgator is the best option for you, but if you are an Developer like me then you need a windows hosting, Hostgator Windows hosting is not that much better as their Linux hosting, If you are planning to start a blog on WordPress then Without any hesitation choose Hostgator for your hosting.

But if you have a website developed in and you need windows hosting for your website then I would suggest you to Go with Znetlive, Arivixe or discountASP  Hosting, I have used Godaddy and Hostgator before but I found these are best windows hosting Providers than all others.

windows-hosting benefit

Why you Need Best Windows Hosting?

I am a Freelance Developer so I have some client websites, I started with Godaddy for windows hosting, and in very few days I found it crap, Godaddy is crap in terms of Windows hosting and I also heard that they are not Good in Linux hosting as well.

After leaving Godaddy I started using Hostgator Windows Hosting, I faced many issues in customer support, I was using Hostgator India that may be a Reason, But I have Hostgator India Linux Hosting also which is quite good.

Finally last year I shifted to Znetlive, and still using it.

No Issues in Code

When I was using Godaddy I faced lots of coding related issues, their executive was a normal employee and he doesn’t know anything about website development, every time they were giving me tutorial links but no solutions.

Clean Simple Interface

Znetlive doesn’t have Cpanel or Plesk panel, they have a different interface named Website Panel by, but quite easy to use much easier then Plesk and Godaddy’s interface.

Large Database Size

Godaddy offers only 200 MB MS SQL database, which is quite good for small websites but for large websites 200 MB is a short term solution, Znetlive offers you large database space for every domain which you host on Znetlive.

Features of Znet Live Hosting


Silver Plus


Unlimited WebspaceUnlimited SubDomainUnlimited MYSQL SpaceUnlimited MSSQL DB (2005)

1GB MSSQL 2005 DB Space

1GB MSSQL 2005 DB Log

1GB MSSQL 2008 DB Space

1GB MSSQL 2008 DB Log

All .net Framework Supported

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Unlimited WebspaceUnlimited SubDomainSubdomainsUnlimited MYSQL Space

Unlimited MSSQL DB(2005)

5GB MSSQL 2005 DB Space

5GB MSSQL 2005 DB Log

5GB MSSQL 2008 DB Space

5GB MSSQL 2008 DB Log

All .net Framework Supported

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Unlimited WebspaceUnlimited SubDomainUnlimited MYSQL SpaceUnlimited MSSQL DB (2005)

10GB MSSQL 2005 DB Space

10GB MSSQL 2005 DB Log

10GB MSSQL 2008 DB Space

10GB MSSQL 2008 DB Log

All .net Framework Supported

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If you are a Blogger and Developer then Znetlive windows hosting is best for you, you can host your WordPress Blogs, HTML websites , and Websites.


  1. Hi Nishant,

    Thanks For this Review! i don’t know Best Windows Hosting !
    Thanks for Writing :)


  2. Great Informative Post. Now I am aware of more ideas on windows hosting. Can you share your personal experience with us ?

    Thank You

  3. i always recommend hostgator for people who want to host their website or blog. their chat support is not that great these days but maximum issues can be solved quickly by creating tickets.

    great hosting suggestion for asp websites :)



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