Amit Shaw is the founder of, his blog is just more than 1 year old but he is in the list of top Indian bloggers, this kind of success is the dream of every blogger. Most of bloggers fail due to lack of guidance and determination, I asked a few questions to Amit Shaw about his career and Blogging , read his awesome Interview.

 amitshaw interview

Interview with Amit Shaw


Q: Hi Amit, Thanks for giving your Precious Time, please give some intro for our readers.

Ans: Hey thanks Nishant for this honor and giving me a chance to feature on your site ).

I am Amit Shaw from a Small City called Dishergarh, Asansol which is situated in West Bengal, India. I am very simple guy, Damn crazy to learn always something new. Currently I am working as a Blogger and running more than 10+ Blogs ( Except Niche Sites), Where my main blog is iTechCode. Yeah I know I know your all readers already know about the popular Itechcode ;) Really Very Popular Indian Blog.

I am a very fun loving guy. I have just completed my BSC(IT) and soon going to start my MCA.

Q.  How you enter in Blogging World?

Ans: I was searching for a Software API on a Facebook group called PHP and Dot Net Group there I came to know a guy from delhi name AtishRanjan, who referred me to another guy for this type of query then I asked that guy about the API and luckily I got that too… after 2 to 3 days again I pinged Atish for just simple conversation and I asked him what he do and etc. Came to know that he is blogger..never heard this term ;) After then I showed some interest on it and launched my first blogspot blog then after 40 days I deleted and bought my own domain ITC and started my journey.

Q: What you think about the future of Blogging in India Specially for new Bloggers.

Ans: Future Blogging? I would love to say Future Career .. .  It will be another course in all universities. I have seen some guys who are blogging only for 1 year and if you will compare with MCA and MSC Student then you will get the difference. Bloggers are buzzing with lots of new ideas. I have conducted some seminar on Blogging and have seen that most of the young guys are so interested when they hear that we can earn money from blogging.

Q: How many Online Blogs you are managing? And, How you manage time for blogging Please share some Time management Tips.

Ans: Currently I have 3 Online Blogs, iTechCode, Technoinsta and Androidfirm and rest 7 where 2 is yet not publicly announced and the rest 5 are in underconsturction. Soon another two will live, Domain name is …………… and ……….com ;) Don’t worry I won’t reveal the name here :D. It will be surprising. Except those publicly revealed blog I have some niche sites as well , hope you won’t ask me the name of those sites :D.

Q: What you think Blogging is a Full time or Part Time work?

Ans: I have been seeing that for the last couple of years it was a trend for student. Most students are very active so for that it would be as part-time. But for me Blogging is a Full time work as I have depended on it fully it brings me passive income and still I am expanding my online venture. So at least for me it is full time.. . .

Q: There are very less women in India who are professional bloggers,how can we Increase the number and also give some advice to upcoming Women Pro Bloggers in India.

Ans: Who said that in India women bloggers are very less? I don’t agree, with this. I am very active on and I have seen lots of women/young girls who is in blogging. But yes its very true the number is less then Men Bloggers.

Yeah here I want to share some advice, women/young girls should be active on social network sites. For that reason they are not able to get exposer  what they are doing.

Q: List some of your favorite bloggers which you like from your Initial days of blogging?

Ans: WOW. . . .  This is going to be a  very tough question for me :D

My Favorite Bloggers :

Harsh Agarwal from ,Ileane Smith from, Jane Sheba from, Ana Hoffman from Traffic Generation Café, AmitAgarwal from, AtishRanjan from, Pradeep kumar from, Daniel Scocco, Oni from youngprepro. I think it’s not going to be end ;) . . .. .  There are lots of young guys who are doing very well on their blogs. Rahul Kuntala from , NishantSrivastava (You).

Q: Do you think Investment is Important in blogging?

Ans: How can we expect returns without investments? Simple business funda is First Invest then Earn. When I entered into blogging I didn’t think that I could earn. Today I am very happy that the investment was worth it and still I am getting returns from that investment.

Q: Share some changes in your life, before and after blogging.

Ans:Yeah Blogging really changed my life.

  1. I make money $$$$.
  2. I have lots of fans and Almost from each and every country. I really feel proud.
  3. I am not Native English Speaker but now I can talk with any native speaker without any hesitation.
  4. Now I can manage any type of online Deals though I am not Business Student.

Q: Indian Bloggers are doing quite well in Blogging world, but still we are far away from Many famous bloggers in this world, How we can Improve this any Suggestions for Upcoming Bloggers in India?

Ans: Well most people in India don’t consider working online a proper way of making a career, which is wrong. One can be a blogging guru and become a big entrepreneur just through blogging. We need to change the way people think about blogging in this Country. Not only does an engineer or a doctor earn, but so can a blogger.

Q: What are the main sources of your Earning in Blogging?

Ans: Nishant my main source of earning is mainly Affiliate, Paid Posts and Adsense.  But when I entered into the blogging arena that time I dint have any idea about Affiliate marketing so I started my earning with Paid post and Adsense after then I joined some groups, forums and found some awesome people engaged with Affiliate marketing who are earning lots of money from Affiliate and I thought to myself if they can do why not me? So I gave my whole effort on Affiliate learned so many affiliate blogs, gave my time to some forum threads and still I am learning you can say earning with learning ;).

Q:  Thank You for Sharing Your Views and Ideas with us.

Ans: Thank you so much for this honor Nishant. I would love to connect your readers.

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Thank You!


  1. Hey Nishant,

    This is a really good interview Nishant. I am also a big fan of

    Hey Amit,

    You have another technology blog. So why do you publish tech article also to itechcode?

  2. Amit Shaw is really a top blogger and i like his blog much and this is a nice interview and also a inspirational interview also for all of us new bloggers.

  3. That’s awesome interview bro

  4. Thanks to Nishant for sharing this interview for other bloggers n readers. Really great to know about Amit, he is my inspiring blogger too. I never miss a single post in Waiting curiously to see his other blogs!

  5. hello @Nishant,

    Really Bro it is Awesome and informative information for me. Like Amit Shaw Blog. He is doing well.

    I am fan Amit shaw blog and am daily visitor his blog. :)

    Rahul Kashyap

  6. Talking about Amit SHaw, he is one of the brilliant blogger in India.. Achieved a lot in less time… And I hope, he keeps on learning new things each day and also tell his new experiments with me at least :P

    Nishant, some day people will be taking your interview (online, news paper etc..). You are really doing so brilliant :)

  7. I am a big fan of Amit Shaw too :) A great guy to work with.

  8. Sugandha Agarwal says:

    Hi Nishant,

    Nice Interview !! It’s Nice to know more about Amit Bro! :) Thanks and I wish all the Good Luck n Success for Amit Bro! :)

    Cheers! :)

  9. Good to see that Indian bloggers are doing great. Thanks for the kind mention Amit. By the way what is “Otis”? is it the bengali version of Atish :P :P

    Good work Nishant. :)

  10. reading interviews of great bloggers is very inspirational, u come to know new things

  11. Nice Interview sir, I like it please take my Interview also :) =D

  12. Great Going Amit! It’s both inspiring and motivating. Taking a small step every-time is the way to go. One never knows when he has started running. And thanks to Nishant for bringing these resources. Happy Blogging Guys!

  13. Well done Nishant :) I know Amit shaw when I met him at Google Day event. Now it’s soo pleasure to have a detail explanation of him over here ;)

  14. Hi Nishant, Great Job bro. Amit is really a hard working guy and achieved a lot of success in less time. Thanks for Sharing this Great Interview bro :)

  15. Awesome, a one of the inspiration giving Bloggers!
    I really like his articles and daily reading.
    By the interview is awesome!
    I suggest make more interviews as possible with other gems and let’s the world know them!

  16. Wow,Nice Interview got to know more about Amit Sha. Yes it’s true Amit is one of the success guy its all about its hard work he’s doing on his blog & bloggers like amit shaw also inspiring other bloggers too. :)

  17. I have known Amit for some months now and he’s a hardworking guy. He grew his blog so fast

    Kudos Amit

  18. Nice interview! I think Amit Shaw is also a coffee lover just like me ;)

  19. Hi Nishant

    First, Thanks for the Interview.. Nice to See you hear Amit.. Great Interview with Amit Shaw.. i am very inspired by amit shaw and You :).. Thanks Again Nishant..


  20. Hi Nishant.

    First, Thanks For the Interview.. Nice to See you hear Amit.. i am very inspired by Amit Shaw and You.. Again Thanks and hats off!! your work..


  21. Reading interviews is always inspirational . I am totally recharged for next months . Very-2 effective post dear .

  22. Great to know this post went viral ;) . Awesome Interview Nishant …….. Amit , you are certainly an inspiration to thousand of young bloggers like me . Rahul and you have reached to the peak points of your blog’s just in one year . Unbelievable :)

  23. Good one Amit :) Good Going.

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    Very nice interview . all the very best :)

  26. amazing and fun to read interview! :)
    you inspire me amit.

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  28. Very cool Amit Bro! Keep your blogging up.

  29. Its great to see Indian Bloggers Reaching new Height.:)

  30. I know Amit Shaw very nicely. He is very hard working guy and focused on blogging. Nice interview.

  31. What I can say on this is I know this guy. And, its good to know more about him in his journey in this field of blogging. :)

  32. Hi, Nishant
    Here is my blogging guru amit shaw’s interview, He is really awesome guy , every time whenever i was in trouble with my blogging,He came to suggest me that to do.He is a realistic awesome guy and here is an awesome interview. Thanks for conducting such an awesome interview nishant.

  33. Really great job Nishant.
    Such an amazing points covered like a casual talk. I was missed to meet Amit Shaw in Google India Event. Hope it would happen again very soon :)

  34. Hey Nishant!! Good work man… Amit Bro… Good luck for your next projects :)

  35. Good to read the interview of Amit Shaw.. a hard-working guy .. I had seen itechcode at its early stage and now its doing really good. Even Amit Shaw has helped me few times.
    Thanks for sucha cool interview to motivate bloggers.

  36. Nice interview. Amit is really an awesome blogger.

  37. This young man has proven that hard work has no substitute! There is no shortcut to success.

  38. Amit Shaw is really a great blogger who knows what he does. He have achieved some huge success in a very short span of time. Congrats for the interview buddy.

  39. Hey guys,
    Wanted to share some stuff with you. I used Vistaprint for some embroidered t-shirts with logo. Damn impressed. Check it out if you can.

  40. Nice interview Nishant. Amit is one of the best Indian Bloggers and a kind and helpful person :)

  41. such an inspirational interview for newbie bloggers. :D
    keep it up with such kind of interviews. :D
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