Hello Friends, I am here with another Interview of an Awesome and inspirational blogger from Afghanistan, He is the only known blogger from Afghanistan  you should read this conversation because he is from that country which faces many wars and bloggers like Ehsan present their country in front of whole world with their talents and skills.

Ehsan Ullah Interview

Q : Hi Ehsan, Thanks for spending your time. My First question is,What is blogging for you? And how you entered in Blogging?

Ans : Thanks for inviting me to be interviewed Nishant. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Like many other stories, I first heard of blogging in 2010 and started my first blog with the intention of making money without being passionate about the selected topic because I’ve heard from people that blogging is the easiest and quickest way to make money online, while It’s not the truth.

Blogging is of course one of the best way to make money on the internet, but bloggers forget that their job is just to do the work at the first, not expect the rewards.

If you’re doing your work with full potential and passion, than you’ll receive your reward, not today but of course tomorrow.

After getting failed and quitting my first blog, I than started to learn It. I’d been reading a lot about blogging and got an eBook from a friend called31DBBB (31 Days to Build a Better Blog) which thought me a lot and I fall in love with blogging, It became my passion.

I started Guide and News – The guide to blogging community in 2011 to help people through every aspect of blogging and to build a guided bloggers community. I love sharing my experience and writing about what worked for me, that’s what I’m doing there.

Q : You are from Afghanistan and one of the most famous bloggers from this country, please mention some other bloggers from Afghanistan who are working great and presenting their country in the blogosphere.

Ans : As far as I know, People of Afghanistan aren’t much familiar of blogging and I know only few people from Afghanistan who blog in different niches and presenting their country in blogosphere.

English is a biggest problem for bloggers in Afghanistan, that is why most of the people here blog in their own primary language and only few people blog in English.

Q : What do you think about blogging as a full time career?

Ans : Whether you blog full time or part time, by being smart with your time, you can grow up your blog while doing a day job or any other offline work.

Keep in mind that, tough, at a certain point, you’ll need to quit and take the plunge. You’ll need to develop a concrete plan of action, then quit and be a full time blogger.

For more, I think It depends on a situation. If you’re a student or doing a day job and want to start a blog, then do it as a part time, but ones you grew your blog and started making some money from it than think of becoming a full time blogger.

Q : Apart from blogging what you love to do in your life ?

Ans : Blogging is of course my first love! I also really enjoy playing soccer with friends. I’m a freestyler and spent years in learning the skills.

Now If you ask me “Who is your favorite footballer” I would love say Lionel Messi :P

It’s my special talent, I’m told that I play football like Messi.

Q : You are featured in many Top blogs, please share some bloggers who motivate you, guide you in your blogging ?

Ans : I’ve been spending a lot of time on guest blogging because according to be, It is the most effective way of linking building and relationship building.

I got featured on many top blogs in my niche including Daily Blog Tips, Basic Blog Tips, Comluv,  ShoutMeLoud, PickTheBrain, Blog Engage and many others, but I actually can’t limit the names of bloggers who always motivated me and helped my in many ways, That is why a few weeks ago I wrote a post mentioning the top 10 bloggers to watch in 2013 who always motivated me whom I’ll be watching in 2013.

If you’re asking for few names, I would have to say Daniel Scocco, Ileane Smith, Greg Narayan, Rahul Kuntala and Leo Babauta.

Q: I’ve read your eBook on “Starting a blog 101”, I found it very useful for new bloggers, the response of this book was great, any plan for another book?

Ans : My goal with writing “Starting a Blog 101” was to answer all of the basic blogging questions that I’ve been getting asked from newborn bloggers. No you don’t have to ask me the same question 10 times, do you?

I’ve already started working for my 2nd eBook, but can’t reveal the topic right now.

As everyone of you might know that I’ve been giving away the first 1,000 copies of “Starting a blog 101” for free to celebrate the launch of my first ever eBook, but that’s not going to happen again. I’ll be selling my upcoming eBook through E-junkie.

Q : Share some of your money making secrets with us, or your source of Income from Blogging.

Ans : Sorry Nishant, but there’s no secret. Blogging is of course one of the best way to make big income from home, but most people fail. The problem is they want overnight success.

The best advice that any pro blogger can give you is to add value in your reader’s life. Remember, “Good” isn’t enough. If your work is adding value, If It’s remarkable enough to recommend and If It’s inspiring people – then you’ll have a lot more than just “money”.

My Income source of income comes from the affiliate products that I sell and I get commission for as of now.

I’ll soon write another page where I’ll discuss ultimately about blogging for money and how I make money from blogging.

Q : Share one of the best blogging tip you’ve ever heard?

Ans : “Do something awesome, something inspiring, something amazing and something different”

Today, there are millions of blogs and bloggers, so how do you think that there’s still a place for you in the blogosphere?

The world needs better than mediocre. And so do you, your are. Keep going.

If you think you can inspire people, you can do something amazing and different than blogosphere needs you.

You won’t be able to see great results or to get your rewards today or tomorrow, but don’t quit and keep going forward. Just keep trying to do what you love to do.

Just keep going, keep facing and keep growing. You’ll make it, you’ll break it and you’ll get it.

Q : How you get traffic to your blog? Please share some strategy with our readers to get decent traffic with less effort.

Ans : Bloggers don’t need traffic, they need readers. Remember my words, there’s different between traffic and loyal readers. Bloggers should always struggle to get loyal readers and increase the readership of their blog, not the one time visitors.

How to get loyal readers then, you may ask?

The best strategy to get loyal readers for your blog I’ve ever learned is to convince other top blogger in your niche which already has readers to send readers your way. Now It’s up to you how will you convince them.

Q : Ehsan Thanks for the interview, Hope you like the questions?

Ans : Thanks for the opportunity Nishant. Yup!


  1. Hey, Nishant Thanks for sharing this awesome interviewwith Ehsan Ullal
    He is great blogger and I like blog,its awesome.
    One again Thanks

  2. Good Interview Nishant and Ehsan is a great blogger always.And i like the lines a blogger needs loyal readers rather than the traffic.Yes a blogger loyal readers and specially the e-mail subscribers helps a lot

  3. I should say that ” It is an amazing interview “. Nice to know about Ehsan and interesting to read about his blogging story :).

    I really liked his blogging tip and his answer for the question ” How you get traffic to your blog “?

    Am a passionate blogger and I want to do something different n inspiring as per Ehsan words in the blogosphere, hope I would be!!!

    Thanks to Nishant for sharing this wonderful interview for us!

  4. Great Interview. I have been one of the biggest fan of Ehsan and I follow him and his simple strategies which h has wrote in his blog for a newbie blogger. All his will b very useful for me as he would have written in simple steps which even a lay man can understand.

    Thank You Nishanth for having a mind to have an interview with Ehsan. this was really nice to know about Ehsan a bit more.

  5. hi Nishant,
    Thanks for this interview. Really Ehsan is my favorite blogger. I like him. he is also good writer. i have read lots of article from his blog. Good work Ehsan And Nishant. keep it us brothers.

    Rahul KAshyap

  6. I have been visiting guideandnews for so many months and can confidently say that Ehsan is one heck of a fellow, who really knows the stuff that he is doing.

  7. I had an conversation with him on Facebook. He is such a nice guy and helps allot :) :)

  8. “The best advice that any pro blogger can give you is to add value in your reader’s life. Remember, “Good” isn’t enough. If your work is adding value, If It’s remarkable enough to recommend and If It’s inspiring people – then you’ll have a lot more than just “money”.”

    These words from Ehsan definitely makes him a PROBLOGGER for me! :)

  9. Inspiring interview with an inspiring young guy. I read your blog often Ehsan. Keep it up

  10. Wow! Nice and inspiring interview and the best part was that A BLOG NEED READERS, NOT TRAFFIC.
    Great answers Ehsaan :)

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