Adsense is the one of the best monetizing options for publishers, but getting an Adsense approval is a difficult task, google is very strict with their Adsense policies, I also got Adsense after 3,4 disapprovals, but when you apply for Adsense from same email, then you will not able to apply from same email account after 3 rejections, to apply again you have to  create a new email account to apply.

When I got Adsense approval in 5th Attempt, I was applying with 1 month old website so they gave me different reasons of disproving my request, but after 3 months of domain purchase I got approval but from different account which I created for Adsense.

But I was not using that new email regularly for normal use, but Now I found the way by which you can change your Adsense email account to your primary email, which you use for all purposes like analytics, Feedburner Google plus and other google services.

This Option is still in beta, and this will also help to those publishers who share revenues with their writers, authors or with other partners.

Few Simple Steps

All you need to do is  login into your Adsense account, click on home and go to Account Settings

click on account settings in adsense

Now scroll down to Access and Authorization section,

Here you will see users with Sign In access option, add your Email account to where you want to transfer your Adsense account and click on Invite Button.

access and authorisation adsense

And if you want to Remove Adsense from the current Adsense Login, then also give the Administrator privilege to new email.

 Grant permissions

Now Go to and Login to confirm the invitation request, click the confirmation link and you will find a New window of notifications.

 You’ve been invited to access an AdSense account

Select or change your email subscription settings with Adsense, and click Save changes.

Google AdSense   Tell us which emails you d like to receive.

Now Again you will see the dashboard of Adsense but this time from new email account, now go to account settings again.

click on account settings in adsense

Now in Access and the Authorization section remove the administrator privileges from your old Adsense login email.

transfer adsense account

Now your new email is the only Adsense login, for that publisher ID.

You can keep both email accounts or you can also invite others if you are sharing revenue with others.


  1. I didn’t know that you can change the account email, thanks!

  2. Awesome and amazing guide on transferring adsense account, this is very helpful. Well, using a different email and letting the website/blog to be somewhat old is better for approval. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Hi, Nishant,
    See,I have an question,My domain age is 4 moth 20 days should i apply for google adsense.I have just got approval by yahoo ads.

    • Hi Sandeep,
      Yes you can apply even after 2 months all you need to fulfil the guidelines of Adsense, some people spreading rumors that you need at least 6 months old domain which is a fake news.
      You can apply anytime and you will get approval for sure if you are on the correct path.!

      • Ravi budhwar says:

        Nsihant bro. it is not a fake news as one of the spoken man from google told this that for the Indians their website should be 6 Months old after the click fraud scam.But don’t know the exact policy as me too got the approval in 4 Months and according to me if you have quality content than apply for the adsense account because only your content matters for the adsense approval rather than other things.

      • Hi Nishant,
        I learnt bloggers from China really ought to wait for six months before approval. That’s even the main reason why I’ve even compiled a long list of adsense alternative to those who are vulnerable.

        I got my adsense account when my blog was less than a week old.

  4. Good to see adsense this new feature and also Nishant as far from my experience if your adsense account is rejected from a Mail id than better would be to apply next time with a new fresh id because they will never approve adsense account from the same id which they had already rejected.Me too got my approval in 4 Months for mine website.

  5. It’s nice to know we can change our email addresses. Hopefully by this they don’t track our email addresses and disapprove our approved accounts

  6. I think this is a new addition to their Adsense dashboard. Very useful tips..

  7. hi when i change my old adsense email with a new one does the payee name change too? i put a wrong payee name in my current adsense and tried to apply again for a new one but it keeps on saying that i already have a adsense. i tried to delete it but i need to withdraw my small amount of dollars first, before they let me delete my adsense account. i requested for my pin for almost 1 month now but nothings coming.

  8. Mmmm Nishant, having some issues.

    I gave access to the “primary” account I”m using for Blogger, accepted the invitation, etc.

    Made it an administrator but when logging in with the primary and checking the adsense account – I just have the original application and can’t get to the dashboard. :(

    • You can give access to the AdSense account, no matter you are using Blogger or WordPress, blogger has option of AdSense but if you want to give access to someone else then you can only give by using the above method..

  9. Hello Nishant,, I was looking for the article and found on your blog. A well explained article. It will help me for sure. Thanks to share the information..

  10. I successfully changed the email id. Now can I delete the older email? I mean is it safe?

  11. ajay Raiger says:

    Such a Great Article about how to Change Adsense Email Address

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