How to Increase StumbleUpon traffic to your Blogs and Websites

Nishant Srivastava

Hi! My name is Nishant Srivastava, author of Geek Blog Tips and Founder of Filmy Keeday. I'm BCA Graduate I love to explore web and new Technologies, you can Find me On Google+, Facebook and Twitter,Sign up for our free newsletter!

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25 Responses

  1. Really @Nishant you are right. people wast our time on facebook and other sites after that they are getting only few traffic. it is bad for them. I am also using SU. Really Awesome source for geeting traffic. thanks for sharing some useful information in this post. I will follow.

    ~ Rahul Kashyap ~

    • Hi Rahul,
      I am glad that you liked the post, facebook can give you traffic but not that much, we spend most of time on facebook but still we never get that much traffic from facebook.
      Hope these tips will help to some bloggers to drive traffic.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Asim Nawaz says:

    Hi Nishant you once suggested me to use stumbleupon for traffic and you even guaranteed me that it will surely work. And it really worked and worked awesome. Thanks for that .
    Thanks for revealing more secrets of stumbleupon traffic.
    The link SU.PR is not working.

  3. I get a little less traffic from SU.
    I havnt tried the URL shortner by SU will try that out once.

  4. Yariv Peled says:

    Great topic. I have also got aware of the fact that stumble upon can be very profitable. I really wanted to read your post in full, but somehow on my iphone all the right side of your text is cut. Just letting you know. Looking forward to hear from you.

  5. Mukesh Mali says:

    Great Bro…. i am think also quieting Facebook and join StumbleUpon ………

  6. Romy Sinfh says:

    Hello Nishant,

    It’s been a long time, if i remember correctly then the last time when i read your article was when i was still writing for geekywriter. But after shutting my blog down I hardly able to read any blog. After a long break now i’m back on track.

    Here what i found fascinating that you improved a lot, your writing makes more sense than before, you convince your messages more clearly, and the rhythm of your words echo perfectly in readers ears. I think that’s good thing. I just took my eyes off from your blog for a while and now i see a boom in-front of my eyes.

    Anyway lets get to the meat, everything you said is completely true. To get a result, we must invest time and efforts both. I’m not very much familiar with StumbleUpon, but one thing i know is that if you work hardest for anything then you get better results. same goes for StumbleUpon.

    • Hi Romy,
      Thanks for writing comment after a very long time, I know you were not active on web, I am still trying to write better, but still I Do many mistakes while writing…
      I am really thankful to you, your appreciation giving me energy to write better…

  7. I will also try to leave Facebook as soon as possible by backing up all the details. I signed up for stumbled upon and really it was a fantastic place where only qualitative thing gets share…

  8. Cristi says:

    Well i’ve been using stumbleupon from recent months. And to be honest its just awesome it can bring my blog great referral traffic. Although all the above mentioned tips are cool.


  9. Sahil Garg says:

    Hii admin
    Really amazing tips , your tips for submit a page to stumble is nice . Thnx for sharing …

  10. yes i agree with you stumble is great interms of traffic, i am getting alot of benifit from, i wasn’t aware of url shrner, thanks for that i will surely try that. nice keep it up

  11. Hi Nishant,

    StumbleUpon used to be one of the primary targets some time back. Then it was somewhat slow for some time. Recently it changed its interface and I hope it will result better now.

    I’m using for each of my posts after I publish. Am really sad that is not updated even after the major change in StumbleUpon main website. It appears that SU is totally ignoring shortner. I am unable to connect my Facebook account with and waiting if it will be resolved. But to all my despair.

    • Hi Suresh,
      I Was also using stumbleupon in my old blog but not regularly, but now I am active on SU, yes you are right they are ignoring shortner, and I am not able to connect Facebook account from the start of , But my twitter account is connected and I am getting very Good response from with only twitter.
      I already contacted their development team, but didn’t get any response related to Facebook connectivity.

  12. Jijin Mohan says:

    Informative post bro. I haven’t known about, will try that defenitely. Thanks for the share :)

  13. Stumbleupon has been a source of dependable traffic for some of my blogs that I have consistently stumbled.
    There is need to diversify our sources of traffic rather depending on facebook alone.
    Thanks for this great write up.

    • Hi Efoghor Joseph,
      I am glad that you liked the post, you are right facebook is not the only network on web, and if you utilize twitter, linked in and stumbleupon properly you can get thousands of visits to your blog with much less efforts..
      Thanks for the Comment!

  14. I am going to try that for sure now. Have been wanting to do that for a long time. Your post could not have come at a better time for me! :D
    Thanks a ton, Nishant!!
    :) :)

  15. sandi says:

    so far I’ve been using Fb and twitter because I thought they were the best for blog promotion.
    I also tried with Stumbleupon and did not have so much effect. I try following your instructions. Thanks!

  16. Ayush Jain says:

    Thanks Nishant, for sharing awesome tips to get more Traffic from StumbleUpon from now Onwards I will give more attention in writing tags and a small description ,Keep on sharing such Useful Tips !!

  17. Naser says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips Nishant. My blogs get a few spikes from stumble upon but they last only for few seconds. And traffic from SU increases bounce rate…….
    Anyways to improve the time the visitor stays on the site?

  18. StumbleUpon has always been a source of massive traffic to my blog and the tips you shared here is quite an interesting method of tapping into this traffic, i will recommend these methods for all bloggers/webmasters looking for means of generating traffic from StumbleUpon.

  19. Vin DiCarlo says:

    Thanks for share with us. I will follow your recommendation

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