Many bloggers offer free stuff on their websites and blogs but they don’t know how to utilize them to promote their blog, some bloggers know these ways but most of the bloggers don’t know about these techniques.

For example you have a blog about programming related stuff and you want to share some code with your readers and visitors, normally you upload your files and share the download links, but you can get more exposure in return from your free stuff.

My experience

get paid for downloads

I had a great experience with this kind of sharing, I am an Developer, I had developed some projects so I was sharing them on my blog, initially I was sharing by just adding download links on my posts, then I found some ways by which I can get some exposures from download links.

Now I will share with you some ways by which you will able to get benefits from your free stuff which you give to your visitors for free.

Get Paid by a Tweet

It’s very easy and simple way to get returns from your downloads and free stuff, if you are sharing some free downloads, it may be free source code, E books, or other downloadable stuff.

There are two options to get paid by a tweet:-

Pay With a Tweet

pay with a tweet

Pay with a tweet is a website, where you can create your pay with a tweet buttons for your blog and websites, just visit this Create a Button page of Pay with a tweet website,and create your button.

You need to just fill the form with normal details like Name, Download link, your tweet details.

Tweet and Get it WP Plugin

Tweet and get it

Tweet and get it is a WordPress plugin by which you can create a download button for your files, by using this plugin you can also get paid by a twitter follow, so you can  get a twitter follower in every download.

Get Paid by a Facebook Like

Same as twitter you can also get paid by Facebook like, Facebook has millions of users and it can make your downloads viral with few downloads.

WP like 2 Get

wp like 2 get it

WP like 2 get is a great plugin which works for Facebook , Google Plus and Twitter, so if you install this you can get paid from a tweet, like or plus one, and you can choose all three sharing compulsory to download.

This plugin is easy to use and very user friendly, there are many plugins to get paid from Facebook likes but I found this one is the best of all.

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Subscription is the most common option used by bloggers, if you ask visitors to subscribe your blog first to download the stuff, then you can get lots of subscribers, but make sure you are giving them some valuable downloading material, it may be E book or some project.


To add a download after subscription option you need to use some premium email marketing services like MAIL CHIMP or AWEBER, Mail chimp is free up to 2000 subscribers but to use this feature you need a premium account.

There are some other ways also, for example you can use to get paid for your links, but those look very cheap and for a quality website or blogs I will not recommend.

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Now it’s your turn, share with us how you get benefits from your download stuff?



  1. Great Plugins and Tools ……. But How do we benefit by making people share our Source Code .

  2. Great tools for giving freebie to our visitors… i have tried wplikeget and its working good…

  3. Awesome post,I’ve some cool scripts,ppts and projects..
    Not only that few days ago i was thinking how to get followers & Facebook likes as well! You’ve well explained me the best way that I can use to promote my blog :)


  4. Hello dear :
    A very nice post, it means you can earn money in now a days from anything, really awesome post.

  5. pay with a tweet and fb like is a good idea to promote products. great :)

  6. great idea bro. I will try. thanks for this post. really valuable information :)

  7. This is the best article.Many times i see that many of the blog’s admin giving a file after click on facebook button.I don’t have any idea how they do? But now i know.Thanx to all of you brother.Gret job keep it up

  8. I found subscription the best way to get the most from your giveaway. Think about it. Instead of getting a bunch of traffic for nothing, you’ll have real emails of people interest in your service :)

    • Hi Robert,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      You are right you can get lots of emails from giveaways, but do you think they will interested in paid service?, they are interested in subscribing because you created that condition of subscription.
      what do you think?

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