When we talk about Social Media’s, what suddenly pops into our minds are the popular one’s such as Facebook, Twitter etc. However, LinkedIn is yet another popular social media, or can be termed as a social networking site. LinkedIn is over a decade old, and has over 200 million active users worldwide, LinkedIn is a social network of Professionals so you can easily Find jobs using LinkedIn.

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Unlike other social media’s and social networking sites, which can be merely used to connect with other peoples and to create some leisure, some sites like LinkedIn can help you find both offline and online jobs. Today, lots of people use LinkedIn to generate income both offline and online, yet very few know about it.

Find Jobs using LinkedIn

And if you’re also new to the fact that you can find jobs through LinkedIn, then we are here today with some best ways to find jobs using LinkedIn.

Create An Attractive Profile:

The first and the foremost way to attract big companies and others to your profile, is by creating an attractive profile itself. There are many ways by which you can standardize your profile and attract more job opportunities. Some of these ways are listed below:

Upload A Standard Looking Profile Pic:

In many instances, your profile pic might steal the show. Therefore, uploading a fair-looking, attractive and standardized profile picture on your LinkedIn profile might attract clients to you, a bit faster.

Writing A Catchy Summary Of Yourself:

On most of the social media’s out there, there are certain spaces to write something about yourself. Many users simply drop this space empty, or else writes down some stuff that makes no sense. However, the “About Me” section on your profile, surely plays an important role. You should always try to appropriately fill up this space with some basic information about yourself, by which someone visiting your profile can gain an overall outlook of yourself.

Listing Out Your Achievements:

LinkedIn provides you a section, where you can list out your job, previous employer, current employer, and some achievements you have made in your career. These sections may look odd to some, but however listing out these sections correctly, without any doubt brings in a lot of positive impact on your profile. When someone visits your profile for the sake of hiring you, they’ll always check out for the number of achievements you have made throughout your career, and also information about your employers.

Join Groups And Become An Active Participant:

There are many online communities, or so called groups in LinkedIn. Joining groups that belong to your point of concentration, and thus becoming an active member of these groups can increase your online presence in LinedIn. And as a result, can gain you more connections and followers and eventually more targeted employers as well.

You can become an active member of your LinkedIn groups by commenting and helping other’s queries and at the same time posting questions and suggestions yourself. Creating events and conducting them are also some common and very effective ways to become active on LinkedIn.

Follow Companies And Promote Them:

Yet another way to attract employers to your LinkedIn profile, is by following them. There is a “companies” section under your LinkedIn profile, which can be utilized to follow companies of your interest and your niche. And then try to promote their service, offers or whatever by sharing on your LinkedIn profile, tweeting their posts. Also, you can comment on their posts or leave suggestions for them to consider. And when you give more concern to these companies, they’ll surely notice you and you might get some job opportunities as well.

Final Words:

Finally, that was some few ways to attract job opportunities for yourself, from your LinkedIn profile. As I said in the beginning, LinkedIn over other social media’s is extensively preferred nowadays to generate more job opportunities. I hope this article will give you some basic idea and tips on how to attract job opportunities using LinkedIn.


  1. LinkedIn has really revolutionized the way professionals meet companies.This is a great tutorial on how to make the best out of it.Thanks for sharing.

  2. i recently realized the power of Linked in as a best job search tool. It really works if above instructions followed correctly.
    Thanks for sharing Nishant

  3. LinkedIn is one of the best place where professional meets to companies. I am agreed with Nishant that jobless one could try the power of LinkedIn and they would surely get their dream job if they follow these tips carefully.

  4. Since I haven’t had any luck on using LinkedIn, I’ll make sure to follow these tips.

  5. Hello Nishant,
    Thanks for sharing.
    Your tips To Find Job Opportunities Using LinkedIn was of great help to me.
    Once again Thanks.

  6. Linkedin emerged as one of the most powerful social platform, it is the place where you can not only connect with your collegues and friends but you can also find oppertunity to acquire new jobs offered by the compnies professionals.

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