Note : This Post Has been updated as per 2014 Guidelines

Google AdSense is one of the best and most popular monetizing options for a blogger, but today getting AdSense approval is just like you want to run on the moon, Google is very strict with their AdSense policies because of lots applicants, and thousands of bloggers applying for AdSense daily.

First I will tell you how you can get AdSense approval, before start writing anything on your blog read the AdSense guidelines carefully.

Guidelines for AdSense Approval

Google-Adsense- approval trick in 2013

Create Great and Unique Content         

Google always appreciate Good work of publishers, and when they start reviewing your website they search for the quality first, your blog should have quality content, when you write quality content then your readers will love your blog and if your readers are happy it means you are satisfying a Google condition for a Blog and website.

Quality never refers to the uniqueness, maybe your content is quality content but not unique, there are many blogs who publish the same kind of content, so uniqueness is very important for a make sure you are writing some quality unique articles on your blog to maximize your approval chances.

Build some Links           

Link building plays important role in AdSense approval, if your site has backlinks from some higher authority sites then it means Google can trust your website for the quality and other factors, it will improve your chances to get approval.

There are many ways to build backlinks for your blog, for example you can write guest posts on other blogs, you can comment and build relations with other bloggers, also you can use adword to advertise your blog and website.

Link Your Blog to Analytics and Webmasters

Every blog must be linked to analytics and webmasters, you are going to apply Google AdSense and these both are Google services, so they can get better and accurate information about your blog and websites.

Neat Design and Navigation

Google always works only for their users, and they don’t want their users to visit those sites which don’t have a good design and improper navigation, so if your site doesn’t have a good design and navigation then you may get penalties from Google and your adSense will also not approve.

Remove all other Ads Before Applying

If you are using other advertising networks then remove them before applying for an AdSense account , because Google don’t want you to use other advertising network and more advertisements means less user experience, and Google always focuses on rich user experience, and some advertising networks are compatible with AdSense not so avoiding any kind of ads before submitting your application.

Use Images with Credits

Google strictly follows their guidelines for content, so avoid using images which you search for web for your blog post, if you have little knowledge of photoshop then you can create your own images and Google will love them, but in case you are not able to create or design an image then give the proper credits to the author or designer of that image, this is a Good blogging practice so you should apply it always.

Increase Traffic from Search Engines

Search engine traffic means your blog is a quality blog, because search engines spend millions to improve their user experience, and if you get the traffic you are getting good traffic from search engines then your chances of approval is high, and another reason is Google is a contextual ad network so Google shows those ads or ads of those products which user were searching.

Say No to illegal Content

Illegal content means, if you are dealing with the content for adult audience or you are sharing hacking and gambling related articles on your blog then Google will not approve your application for Google AdSense, so always follow their guidelines for content.

All these points are already mentioned in Google AdSense polices but most of bloggers never read them and some of them never understand their policies.

Create All Important Pages

Most of the bloggers never create pages on their blog, you should create these pages before applying for AdSense.



Privacy Policy

Terms and Condition


These pages are important for a blog and you should create them first and then apply for AdSense, if everything goes right you will get your AdSense approval.


  1. Nice guidelines Nishant! These are not only to get Google approval and could be followed to maintain a successful blog forever!
    Every blogger should follow these genuine tips to thrive in blogging even after getting the Google Adsense approval. Useful post for the newbies, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Nirmala,
      Thanks, for writing comment!
      Most of bloggers search for tricks to get adsense account, but there is no trick to get adsense account now, because google already disabled third party adsense account to any websites, which means if you have adsense account from third party you cant use it on other websites.

  2. I am sure I am going to follow your guidelines . But do you think it is necessary to remove all other ads before applying for Adsense .

  3. Hi Nishant,

    Thanks for this Adsense Guide and Tips.. This is quite helpful for Adsense beginners.. Every Blogger Need money :P Including me :P :)


  4. Hi Nishant,

    Getting approval by google adsense is very hard these days. Having clean simple design, unique content and good traffic can surely help us to get approval!

    BTW, I’ve similar article on my blog about getting approval for adsense. Have you seen? :D

    • Hi Ammar,
      You are right, Many bloggers quit blogging because they are not able to monetize their sites with adsense, and most of wide niche bloggers need adsense , Yes I saw your article it was also Perfect!
      Thanks for the Comment!@

  5. Basic thing behind adsense is that don’t copy article and keep the article quality. and adult content and search engine traffic is also one of the major factor.well written article.

    • Hi Vivek,
      Thanks for the comment, if you copy you will surely get disapproval but if you rewrite the post then you may also get same response from adsense, so unique content always helps to get approval after approval you can rewrite old kind of content but never copy from other blogs…
      BTW do you have adsense account?

  6. Hey Nishant,
    Nice guide for adsense approval.
    Getting Adsense is very difficult and bloggers who will follow this guidelines can achieve success

  7. Hi Nishant, very informative. I used adsense ages ago but not really my forte. But will give it a try using your guidelines.

  8. You have posted the best way for adsense approval.Also one thing i have to say that if you want to get adsense approval than just focus and focus more on the content and if your content will be good than adsense will surely approve your account.And also Nishant i got approval adsense when i was using other networks adds.

  9. Nice tips nishant :) I know you’ve created this post for me :D ha ha ha BTW thanks a lot buddy

  10. Yeah !!! Its very hard to get approved from google as Google is Moody :).
    But if a person applies with proper steps and guideline for adsense then its not so difficult to approved.
    Recently I got approved for adsense after a 3rd try.
    In first ,Google gave me inappropriate address issue.. lol.
    and in 2nd my details matched with other RAVI VERMA with similar email that I provided. :)
    and when applied third time .. within 60 hours Google gave me a confirmation that account has been fully approved.. :)

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Ravi,
      Thanks for sharing your experience, I think there must be some error or mistakes with the names, otherwise Google can easily understand the difference, congrats you got your adsense account, you are right following their guidelines is the easiest way but many blogger never understand their guidelines properly!

      • Thanks Nishant !!! yeah the email and payee name was very similar. I must say exact with differece of digits.. :)
        Though Its not easy to understand the guidelines… but most of people make hurry to apply with reading the guideline, thats why they don’t get success.
        One should apply under the guidence of some senior

  11. Ganesh Narayan says:

    Hello Nishant!!! First of all, thanks for this useful post…but I have a doubt regarding it…I am also a blogger and want to get approved in adsense, that’s why I am here. I am using link shortening services like etc. on my blog. So, is there any problem in getting approved by google adsense due to this service as it also pays money for the links.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Ganesh,
      As per my suggestion you should remove all monetization from your website, and also I will suggest you to remove ads from your website, that makes a website look cheap, but if you are getting earnings from that than you can use it, but for applying adsesne remove all monetizing options.

  12. Hi Nishant

    Thanks for sharing these useful tips.

    I will keep these in mind before applying for the adsense.

  13. Hi Nishant,

    That’s right not ever body reads full guideline’s and that’s the 1st reason Google punish’em, even i have tried 3 times, at first i got a message of copyright issue (i fixed the image’s copyright issue), secondly my details mis-matched with my own blog author who works at another blog too, third-it say i’m not following guideline’s.

    P.S- I have already read guideline’s very carefully and cont. working on every part of site quality/content work and SEO, i don’t know where & what i’m missing.

    Current Status: Now i’m working on Alexa rank and which i think is good enough, backlinks on alexa is very low even i have commented properly and nicely on high PR and do-follow blogs, traffic is also good and comes mostly from Google around 43%.

    My blog is 3 months old, so is this a real issue ? i don’t think so because i have seen such blogs with moderate traffic got adsense, so please throw some light here and help me and other visitors too.

  14. Prashant Sharma says:

    Hi Nishant,
    first of all Thanx for shareing. I am sure I am going to follow your guidelines .

  15. Hey Nishant,
    Thanks for the guide lines.. This will surly gonna help me in coming future!
    BTW, I don’t find Guidelines too difficult! :P but yea.. may be approve of adsense seems difficult just because Google receive so many proposals in a day and it’s too difficult to find who r really a genuine blogger and who r just copying the content!
    Well, as my Carrier is just started I will surly try to follow all these guidelines! :)
    Happy Blogging!

  16. I have had bad experiences for my adsense account in the past. I believe atleast this blog post will help me to set up my successful adsense account.

  17. thank u so much sir..for giving me this type of this type of great information… i have tried from last three months but i disapproved.but now this type of post will be helpfull for me….thanx for giving me the great information….

  18. very new babies are entering in blogging field & I knew adsense approval is real challenge for new one .U hv written very good post to help them…

  19. These days adsense gets approved with in two hours of time and is very easy to get one approved.

  20. Hi brother! :) thank you very much for the guidelines! i especially liked the ‘Images’ and the ‘Pages’ criteria that Adsense will be expecting which i did not know.. Thank you again! :)

  21. Thanks a lot Nishant.
    I’ll give it a try! Hope it works.

  22. Thank u so much Nishant. Best part i liked about this useful post is that you have keep it simple.

  23. It’s always a tough task for me to get a approval. Hope this will be beneficial for other bloggers. Thanks for this post.

  24. Finally got Google Adsense for my site.Thank you so much for this post bro… ;)

  25. Param Khiva says:

    Thanks Nishant Hope I Get Adsense Approved

  26. It is still Hard to Get One.

  27. thanks for your tips. hope to get the approval after following these tips. keep it up bro

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