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There are many Bloggers who are becoming very popular these days, and they are growing in a rocket speed, Here I am sharing top 15 Bloggers who are going to be Blogging Rockstars very soon, as per my Observation.

These are just few from a huge list, there are many others who are working really well with their blog, but I found these are the best, these blogs are my personal suggestions, I used to follow these blogs and love their all updates, some of these bloggers always help me personally in my blogging.

Upcoming Blogging Rockstars

Ehsan Ullah :

Ehsan Ullah is a young star blogger from Kunduz, Afghanistan, He has the ability to convince his readers through his unique, sensitive and energetic writing style.

Rahul Kuntala :

Rahul Kuntala is the owner of Learn Blog Tips from Hyderabad India,  his posts are famous for unique ideas for new and Pro bloggers.

Amit Shaw :

Amit Shaw  Founder , CEO and Author of Itech Code, he writes about SEO, Technology, Gadgets etc.

Amrik Virdi :

Amrik Virdi owner of Monetize blogging, very friendly in nature, he always shows his post in unique ways, his writing style is Awesome and unique.

Sandeep Kumar :

Sandeep Kumar is a Software Developer and Blogger from Delhi, writes about SEO, Blogging, Traffic Generation Tips.

Romy Singh :

Romy Singh Owner of Geeky writers, he is famous for his motivational writing, His words speaks and motivate bloggers to write well.

Harneet Bhalla:

Harneet Singh Bhalla is a full time blogger from India. He is a Search Engine Optimization Analyst & Blog Building Strategy Analyst.

Saad Naeem:

Saad Naeem , Founder of Seoallrounder he writes about, SEO, Plugins, Affiliate marketing, Adsense etc.


Simmeon is the owner and founder of Amazing bloggers Lives in UK England. He writes about internet marketing and traffic generation techniques.

Chris :

Chris is an entrepreneur from Poland, Founder of No Passive Income, he is a SEO specialist,  Loves to write about SEO, Web Monetization etc.

Anil Aggarwal :

Amit Aggarwal Founder of BloggersPassion from India, He started this blog to share blogging tips and for helping you become a successful full time blogger.

Syed Faizan Ali :

Syed Faizan Ali Founder and Author of My Blogger Lab, He writes about Blog customization, SEO, Money Making, Traffic Generation.

Kulwant Nagi :

Kulwant Nagi owner of Blogging Cage from Haryana India, He Loves to write about SEO, WordPress and Blogging

Hamza Sheikh :

Hamza Tariq is a young Entrepreneur, currently living in Pakistan. He is a Professional Tech Blogger and he loves to write about , SEO, Google Updates and Blogging.

Erik Emanuelli :

Erik writes about how to make money online, blogging, SEO and Internet Marketing.

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I Strongly recommend all of you to follow these blogs, if you want to learn and earn in speed.


  1. HI Nishant Srivastava,

    This post will be inspirational for me as iam the daily reader of all the blogs which you’ve mentioned above, iam working hard on my blogs i hope i will would be in the list soon :).

  2. Hey Nishant, you’ve done a fantastic job here by sharing the top 15 upcoming rockstars in blogging. It’s so nice of you that you’ve mentioned in in your list.

    I believe that all of them are doing a great job on their blog, especially you, Rahul Kuntala, Syed Faizan Ali and Amrik Virdi :)

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Ehsan,
      You Deserve to be a Rockstar, you have done a great job with your blog and you are very helpful each and every blogger like to have you as a friend.

  3. Hi Nishant,
    an honor and a pleasure for being mentioned here! :-)

    I know almost all the names you listed, and I will be sure to follow also the others.
    Time ago an experienced blogger teached me that relationship is the basis of blogging.
    Now I know he was right!

    Thanks again, Nishant!

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Erik,
      Thanks for making a comment on my blog, and its true all 15 names are best and you are one of them.
      all the best :)

  4. wow wow awesome Nishant my brother.. The name of the bloggers mentioned by you are really gonna rock..I knew some of them myself and you are also a very good blogger….

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Mohit,
      All the best for your future, hope you will also do something great like above bloggers in the near future.. :)

  5. Ohh…

    I’m much appreciated with this post Nishant. Thanks so much for including with such an amazing blogger, I know and follow most of their blogs.

    Guys like Ehsan, Amrik, Amit are REALLY doing great job on their blogs :)

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Rahul,
      It’s my pleasure to have your comment on my blog, and I am a big fan of your writing style and your blog post ideas.

      All the best brother!

  6. I am feeling honored after getting listed in this list. Feeling very happy and proud that people are getting good information from my blog and I am expending my circle day by day.

    I was not aware about 2 blogs in the list and going to check them now.

    Your blog is also one of the best blog and you are also going to beat us in future. All the best bro. :)

    Keep Rocking. Keep Blogging.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Kulwant,
      First of all thanks for the compliments, and I am following all of you, I feel these 15 bloggers are doing the best in my blogging circle, maybe there are many others who are performing well, but many bloggers from this list helps me many times in my blogging career.

      All the best to you !

  7. Great list. I know almost all of them. Hamza, Faizan, Rahul, Amrik Nice list all are doing great

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Gappu Boss,
      I agree with you, they are doing great and they are becoming a role model for new bloggers like me.

  8. New blogger here… Getting inspiration from these bloggers. All the best to all bloggers which have been listed here, Do the best and keep guiding us to become like you.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Right Kamlesh, bloggers like Amit, Amrik, Rahul are becoming an inspiration for new bloggers, they are of our age and achieved really good name in blogging.

  9. Nice list, I’m glad to find Sandeep bro listed here! He’s really rocking, and will be rockstar in coming days.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      I agree with you Mairaj, he is the most helpful blogger, and everyone knows him for his dedication for blogging.

  10. As I thought my name was not there. That is because my blog is still a kid. If you have anytime just visit and give me some hints to improve it up. Thanks for this great list.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Sajith,
      I already mention in my post, there are many others who are also doing great, and you are one of them.
      All the best for your best career.

  11. Excellent post! Well, all of these mentioned bloggers are good at their work and they are real inspiration, especially for newbies. Thanks for sharing their blogs :)

  12. Firstly, Thanks for including me in the list. And Secondly Please Delete these Comments Because they are violating Islamic Religion. Its just my advice please, please remove yours and the guy who has choose a name which is the most powerfull “Word”. Peace

  13. Hi Nishant!
    It’s a great list of some talented young blogger you’ve got there. I believe that they would achieve their goals. Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Nice list of website. I almost know everyone but Amit shaw and Amrik are too great about blogging.:)

  15. The level of Indian bloggers are going higher and higher. It make me feel proud and i am also hoping that one day i also come in this type list.

  16. Thank You Nishant for including my name in the list. I love learning things everyday and that is what i keep doing. Thank you again! Good to see my friends as well in the list– Rahul, Amrik, Romy, Erik :) thanks again!

  17. Hello Nishant,

    Thanks for the honor bro.

    I think we all are a rockstar in our life somehow. :) Btw, thanks for the list of some good blogs. :)

  18. great list brthr….i am new in this field and many of them helped me to get my adsense account approved….

  19. Hi Nishant,
    Love to see list of top bloggers. I am following most of them and will follow others for sure. I am happy that now I can follow top bloggers and motivate myself.

  20. Hi Nishant, Thanks for mentioning me and my blog name. I appreciate it.

    Good luck.

  21. Hi Nishant,

    I know some of these blog too especially LBT, I’m also a regular reader at it. His articles are really easy to read and skimming through.

    Thank you – Ferb

  22. Hi Nishant,
    I am glad that most of the upcoming blogging rockstars you mentioned are the ones I am visiting too! I agree that these blogs really give you useful information that you can use on your own blog and they also give you sound advice on even the simplest things about blogging that really helps a lot for anyone who are interested. I will check out the other blogs I haven’t visited yet. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Compiling a list of budding bloggers is an innovating idea indeed. Its great to learn that many Indian bloggers are a part of this list. I hope I would also be included in a list like this one day ;) Thanks for the great post anyway…..keep it up

  24. Hey Nishant,

    Sweet list. I bookmarked the post itself for further reference.

    thanks for the share!

  25. I have seen many posts enlisting top bloggers but this is definitely a novel idea to compile a budding bloggers list, kudos for this to you buddy. On second thoughts I too hope to be included in such a list one day. lol..

  26. Thanks a lot Nishant for mentioning my blog to this amazing list of blogging rockstars.

  27. Wow, sounds amazing about top upcoming blogging rockstars.. i’ve following all of them and they doing great thing by creating awesome article and explaining in easy way.

    thanks and hope they achieve there goals.

  28. Oh Gosh! I am mentioned in the list.

    Nishaant! You are really good fellow blogger, and yes you have mentioned all the blogging stars. (except me :P )

  29. Found some really impressive bloggers from India and around the world. Bookmarked this post instead of bookmarking all these blogs.

  30. Hi,

    First of all thanks for the interesting post, which make to motivated to work hard on blogging and become a rockstar :), Next i know all the above bloggers and i too follow them all.

    You know they are doing amazing and great work to build awesome blogs and posting quality articles. Hoping for best achievements to them in upcoming days.


  31. Hi Nishant….
    Great Job bro…..
    You made my dream come true…… I wanted to be a rock star from my childhood…… :-) I really mean it…..

    Well joke apart…. you have done a great job bro…..I like such post because it serves various purpose…

    It help you to create relationship with your fellow bloggers.

    It help newbiee to know more inspirational bloggers.

    And it act as a morale boosup for bloggers like me.

    Great Job Nishant…..

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Sandeep,
      Thanks bro for writing here, Well these bloggers are helpful, cheerful and always ready to grow thats why I mentioned all including You..

  32. Done a great job bro. I know Most of the bloggers in the list and i am a regular reader of their blogs. Really all of them are upcoming Rockstars :)

  33. Hi

    I like your List. Coz I got my Favorite blogger name. They are really upcoming rockstars. thanks

    guys like: Rahul Kuntala, Ehsan Ullah, Amrik Virdi

  34. I am a follower of many of these bloggers mentioned in this list. But many of them were new for me and I am shocked that how I missed these wonderful blogs.

    Thanks for sharing this great list Nishant.

  35. Oh yes Nishant,
    I know a good number of these guys and they are great. I have been blogging now for 2 and a half months and most of them have inspired me greatly

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Enstine,
      I know all these guys and I can say only one thing they are awesome at their work and Inspiration for new bloggers Like me :).

  36. Hi Nishant,
    Nice to see these blogger in the list of upcoming blogging rockstar. Nice post.!!

  37. Thanks for the post Nishant, its inspiring to c and observe those Rockstars…….!!

  38. All of the bloggers and blog are known to me as they will be next Amit Agarwal and there is no doubt but one thing I i feel that you have missed any woman bloggers such as Dr Kavita Shaikh , Jane Sheeba etc. If possible update the list with woman blogger.

  39. Hey Nishant
    its a great list yaar i have read some of these blogs you mentioned here, seobloggerstips and bloggingcage are the most i like. I will read those website regularly its awesome. Thanks for giving the chance to tell you all these stuff.

  40. How about my Tech Blog buddy? :)

  41. We can also come in that list but its not easy as plenty of hard work need to be done.Glad i will try my best to reach your list Nishant

  42. These are great blogs and I’m friends with most of these guys!

  43. Really a good list.Some of them are very new to me.
    I like Rahul Kuntala very much.

  44. I think these are good but one man who is legend in this field 22 year Entrepreneur Mr Amir Nasir He had even become headlines of some newspaper so i say you to include his name also.

  45. Hi Nishant,
    You are really good at picking ! :)
    I’m a loyal reader of BloggingCage , GuideandNews and iTechCode.
    My big thumbs up and congratulations for Amit, Ehsan and Kulwant. Congrats guys!

  46. Thank you Nishant,
    That was mighty kind of you and I’m sure it’s going to be very helpful.
    Thanks for sharing…

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