What type of blogger are you?

Before this blog I never had researched about my posts before writing them, I was having a Tech Blog which is almost dead now , I am trying to make it better again, I learned a lot from my mistakes but still making lots of mistakes but my fellow bloggers,  their Posts and their experience really help me to write better and motivate me every time.

I will suggest you to read Romy Singh’s Blog Geeky Writers , This blog will really help you to  improve your writing skills and you will get motivation for your writing from his awesome Posts.

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Now lets discuss about the title of this post, “What kind of Blogger are You?” Looks different ! Yes it is..

When I start taking my blogging seriously, I created this blog after having discussions with many bloggers on Facebook and Discussion forums, I found there are mainly three kinds of Bloggers available as per their behavior towards other bloggers , their knowledge , skills and in other aspects.

Share everything what they know

These are the top class bloggers who share everything what they earn,How they earn from blogging. They are always ready to share their blogging success secrets with other bloggers and help them to grow faster, it’s not true that others are not Top class bloggers because they are also successful may be some are more successful than these kind of bloggers, but who shares everything from his den is loved by everyone, and get much more name and fame than others.

Share Little of their knowledge

We can say that they are new Pro bloggers, who knows many things but hide some secrets of their blogging success, they are also successful but still don’t want to share their blogging success secrets with everyone openly, maybe they don’t want to share some special art of their blogging , every Pro blogger is an artist and they know how to manage their blog to earn and grow more, but some bloggers want to keep it to limited people.

Less Knowledge but pretend like they know everything

These Attributes are mostly found in new bloggers who just step into blogging and getting little Income from their blog, they think they know everything and they can help everyone, they pretend like a pro blogger, I didn’t mean that they can’t be a Pro blogger, but it’s not a piece of cake to become a pro blogger, they worked really hard and spend their valuable time to stand their blog out of the crowd, you maybe already know these kinds of bloggers who pretends, they are very smart and they always shows you they know more than you, maybe they really know more than you but why to pretend to be oversmart,and blogging is a continues process, and all bloggers who already achieved a mark in their life they are still learning new things daily and they love it.

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I can’t give any advice to Pro Bloggers they already know these things, But I will give advice to new bloggers, not all but some new bloggers really thinks they are genius and they can do anything, everyone knows the stardom of Blogging, It can really kill a blogger’s career, when a blogger becomes little famous in between their friends and colleagues because of his earning or some knowledge, his thinking changes and he start behaving same with other bloggers, I just say one thing Learn from those Bloggers who are successful, their calmness and their way of handling problems and other bloggers, it’s just my advice its on you to take or not.

At last :

These are the kinds of Blogger available as per my observation, Please don’t make someone feel guilty of their behavior , I wrote this post after observing many bloggers, Don’t take my words in wrong ways, I didn’t mean to hurt anyone I am just sharing my experience what I Observe till now.


  1. Hi Nishant another cool pick bro…
    Really well researched article….. it is not easy to categorize bloggers without hurting their self respect (and ego for some special one).

    For me blogging is all about share whatever I know….. becuase I can’t write anything except my learning and mistakes.
    I am enjoying this and I’ll continue with this approach only.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Thanks a lot Sandeep!
      I always try to write from my personal experiences , and I can only one thing about you “Great” ! You are really very helpful brother, you helped me in my blog design before you I ask many bloggers, but some are busy, some of them don’t have idea about customization and some says its not possible , I think they are from third Kind
      finally you helped me!

  2. Nishant it really a nice article, thanks for sharing……!!!!

  3. Cool topic I must say. It is very important a blogger realize his strengths and weaknesses. A blogger should keep increasing his knowledge to become better and better..

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Tech Boy,
      Many Blogger understands their strength and weakness, and they ask their problems with other bloggers but some people don’t want to their weakness so they pretend smart but they are not smart enough.

  4. This is a great article Nishant and thanks for mentioning Romy’s blog here. I love his blog and writing style too.

    You know what, I love to help others and share with them what I know. I’m too good in blogging thing and don’t have a lot of knowledge, but what I know I’ll tell others.

    I’ve helped a lot of people who wants me to help them. They started their blogging career because of me and they thanks me for this.

    But as you said, there are some kind of bloggers who wants to show themselves as advanced blogger without having any knowledge, I really hate those kind of blogger. I know them, but don’t want to take their name in this comment.

    They learned everything from me, but now they’re trying to kick on my ass lol.

    BTW, I want to ask from you that what do you think which kind of blogger I’m? 1, 2 or 3?

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Ehsan,
      Thanks for the Comment boss!
      I know you are very helpful brother, but there are lots of blogger who don’t want to reveal their secrets with others, some are really good who share everything what they know.
      BTW I am in between of first and second :) , don’t know everything but share everything which I know..

  5. Really Nishant informative post. One point is giving me heavy knowledge that is “Less Knowledge but pretend like they know everything”. Thanks for the nice topic

  6. Hello Nishant,

    Thanks for mentioning me and my blog. I really appreciate it. :)

    What kind of blogger I am?

    I asked this question to myself when I started my writing blog, and my answer boils down to: serve readers.

    Yup! you heard it right I’m here to serve my readers. I’m here to make their life a story that they can be proud of. I’m here to wipe their tears.

    You know, It takes more than just words to become a good writer as well as blogger.

    A great blogger or writer is selfless. He doesn’t look to his own needs, but finds a way to help others. He’s a servant.

    So, I’m a servant blogger who blog to fulfill the requirements of readers.

    BTW, Awesome post.. :)

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Thanks Romy,
      You are really awesome, and your posts, your style of thinking really motivate me to write, and its true your writing helps others to make their life story that they can proud of.
      Most of bloggers work for their readers, but some are still working only to make Money from blogging.

  7. Thanks for suggesting to read Romy Singh’s Blog..its really useful.his writing style is amazing..most of the bloggers are sharing their own experience and what they know about that particular topic..

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Kathrin
      Thanks for the comment,
      I agree with your everyone sharing what they know but he teach us how to know, how to write, Great Writer.

  8. I’m still learning up with my mistakes and sharing those mistakes and knowledge with my readers. Its great to share them as somehow at least 1% of newbie bloggers tries to avoid those mistakes and grab the knowledge, they will have good blogging performance.

  9. Romy is my best online friend. He is one the top list in my list. I know him from a long time and i have seen him rising and improving his wiring skills.

    He never write for money and never target to do SEO of any post because he just want to make more more relations.

    And as you mentioned we must share everything we know but before sharing anything we must do proper research also.

  10. Hi Kulwant
    You are right brother, he is very talented writer, I really like his way of writing.
    If you are a Pro blogger, you always do proper research before writing anything on your blog.

  11. I blog as a way to express my thoughts and feelings in a way that I can’t otherwise do. I get a lot of views but not a lot of reader interaction. I would love to know how to build the reader interaction side of things but am happy just to have readers.

  12. Nishant

    I’m a heartlful and generous blogger so I definitely share almost everything I know LOL. I give it my best and my readers appreciate my value

  13. Hi Nishant,
    I am really impressed with your write-up. Every blogger should keep eyeballs on what they are doing…
    One thing that I always keep in mind while writing is – to satisfy the demand of the visitors.
    In blogging, you should always read, learn and implement !! :)

  14. Hi Nishant,
    I have read this kind of topic somewhere before, but of course, the categorization is quite different. I think those who share little of their knowledge have their reasons why they do that. I guess you have to give them that especially if they worked really hard on getting to where they are now. But of course, for me, I like those types better than the ones who do not know much but pretend like they know everything.

  15. I always try to share everything whatever I know.

  16. Well i think iam a selfish blogger who just has only one Aim i.e earning lot of income from blogging. :D

    And thanks for crunchy post.

  17. Now that you can tell that less knowledge people pretends like they know everything. First I’m 100% sure that you’re not that. And I think I am the one who is know less but pretending like I know a lot. You’ve definitely help me out.

    Thanks so much – Ferb

  18. Hi,
    I like the concept that you have highlighted. Bloggers do depends and it is not mandatory that all has to be same. The types that you have highlighted are obviously correct. There are bloggers who wants to share every point of what they knows. I think the blogs as represented by them hits the most because they clarify every bit of it in their post. Thanks for the share!!

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