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Before writing this Post, I found many debates on the web that all bloggers are journalist or not , I think there are many similarities between bloggers and journalists, but still all bloggers are not journalists, Journalism is a profession where a Journalist brings news or information in front of people by using various media like newspaper, television, radio etc. Similarly in blogging a blogger crack news and produce information about a particular topic in front of Internet Users.

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Proper research is very crucial to do anything perfectly, both bloggers and journalist always do proper research before publishing any story, it’s a subject of their reputation if people find the story is false then their career will spoil by their own mistake, that’s why they always take care of everything before writing or publishing anything, they collect proper substantiation of what they are writing. For an example a blogger writes about some review of a website so he explores information about that website and also collect feedback from the users of that website, similarly when a journalist works on a report related to public issue then he discusses everything with the public and collect full information about the story.                                                    

What is Happening

A blogger and journalist always keep eye on current events and happenings in their respective areas, like if you are a tech blogger you always keep your eyes on latest gadget launches and new web services, and we all know journalist do the same with the other media frame, finds latest news about the world and it can be anything if a journalist is a war correspondent then he/she will cover war news and everything related that war its history how it happens etc.

Creating Controversies

Journalist are famous for creating controversies to create huge impact on people, they always try to make news from small things and get large benefits , similarly all bloggers always find things to create controversial posts. A post which is against some people and in favor of some, Conversial post can start an endless discussion on Comments by which they get really huge benefits from the articles.


A journalist and a blogger both are free to write and explore news, they can do any thing to show the truth in front of their followers and viewers, for example if you are a blogger, then you don’t have to answer someone, you are free to do your work from home or any other place, you don’t have any concern person, and we all know the freedom of Media and Journalist, although a journalist also has a concern person but they are free to do their work in any ways.


Both bloggers and journalist influence people with their own style and way of presenting themselves in front of the world, a blogger always influenced others with his skills, earnings and by many other ways, when I was thinking of starting a new blog I was influenced by Amit Aggarwal( and Harsh Aggarwal(, Still many people influencing me daily whenever I visit someones blog and find something really interesting.

Interviewing Others        

Many bloggers conduct interviews with successful blogger to show their success journey and to find some useful tips from them about blogging and their lifestyle, likewise journalist also interview people to get more information about them.

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My Final verdict

I think some special kind of blogging is the part of journalism but still very different from proper journalism , many people do for their passion and of course to earn money also, but still blogging is the way to represent something new in front of all others and same thing a journalist do.

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  1. Hi Nishant…..

    Not all bloggers are Journalist….. because most of bloggers enter into blogging by reading some crappy lines – “How to earn 1000 dollars monthly using your blog”.
    They have started their blog without having any passion in it. They don’t deserve to be called as blogger.

    But there are bloggers who have entered into blogging because of their passion in a particular field and they are doing their best to bring best about that topic for their reader like a Journalist.

    Thanks for sharing such an interesting topic with us.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Sandeep,
      First of all thanks for the Comment,
      I agree with you brother, Most of people enter in blogging by reading money making articles on the web and they are influenced by their success, but still some bloggers are really passionate about their work and I already mention in the Post that some special kind of blogging is the Part of journalism.
      Thanks Keep Visiting…!

  2. Really Nice Information thanks for sharing this post :)

  3. I am very much happy after reading your thinking about bloggers. We bloggers are the integral part of the internet media and we are the one who can make a product Rockstar or degrade its reputation.

    But we must always be fair about writing and provide the quality stuff only.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Kulwant,
      I agree with you, We are the one who can make a product rockstar, and its true that we should always be careful before writing anything about anyone…
      Thanks for the Comment..!

  4. Aww! Now I’ll not mind if some one call me a JOURNALIST. BTW being a journalist is a pride.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Raheem,
      All bloggers are not journalist, if you fulfill the qualities of journalist in your blogging then you can say that you are a journalist blogger.. :)

  5. I found this post to be one of the most unique posts I have seen recently. You have tried to find the similarities between bloggers and journalists in a very great way.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Thanks Rocky,
      Journalism and Blogging are different but some same kind of work done by both bloggers and journalists.

  6. Nice post Nishant and yes there are similarities between blogger and journalists but then again I would say that Bloggers are just BLOGGERS…
    Blogging is an extremely esteemed profession and has its own individuality..I Love to blog

  7. Well blogging is some what similar with JOURNALIST,but I think being These are the advantages of being a blogger,Anyway thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  8. I love the way you lie Nishant lol. This is a great post and few weeks ago I have received a similar guest post from one of my friend and published that because It was a gift from him to me.

    I do think that bloggers and journalists has lots of similarities and they can borrow a lot from each other. They both wants to make their audience happy and they work hard to convince their audience that is what I like most about Blogging and Journalism.

  9. Exactly, You feel like your own boss, feeling the world is all yours. Just Pin Down your thoughts and wait for the outputs :)

  10. Hi Nishant,
    Bloggers and journalists can have many similarities, but in the end all bloggers are not journalists. Journalists can report about a topic and tell all the things in it in a manner that can be understood by people; whereas, bloggers can say something about a topic, expand it in their own perspective, create more examples, spark controversies, and even try to find some ways on how to make money from it. Of course, it depends on what topic it is, but for me, bloggers can really expound a certain topic in a way that it can attract many people from different walks of life. I know journalists can do that too, but since the Internet is full of bloggers that have different backgrounds, cultures, traditions, etc., one topic can certainly mean different things to any one.
    PS: What plugin do you use on the Facebook Like Popup? Sure am curious if it’s a WP plugin.

  11. Hi Felicia,
    I agree with you, all bloggers are not journalist but some bloggers do the same work like journalist they crack stories, create stories, interviews others etc..
    Some bloggers are really work hard to find stories but some copies their story and write it in their own word which is not journalism.

    I am using Facebook Litebox Plugin for Popup!

  12. Hahah :) Now this is something so true! You know, you forgot one point – speech! Well, there are less bloggers who podcast and speak and record, but yet there are (like me, for example) …! Cheers!

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