I know everyone wants to earn money for his living, but if you are just doing everything for money without considering your visitors and readers for the sake of high living, that means you are doing something big crap.

Blogging is a Good profession , it gives you name fame and money, but some people only focus on money and they do crappy things with their blogs, that can give you money now but for a long term success you need a great blog with good reputation.

Long term blogging career

Always Feel Proud of your Blog

No matter how much you earn in your Initial stage of your blogging but you should feel proud of your blog, if you want to do something big then you need a proper plan and you have to provide the best quality work from your side to your readers.

But some so called Niche Bloggers hide everything from World.

Why they hide URL?

Why they hide their URL, there may be many reasons when a blogger hides his/her URL, blog is looking so spammy, quality is not up to the mark, Revealing URL may increase competition, in some condition internet marketers hide their Identity on their niche blogs to increase their sales but they promote genuine products only, but some people do the same thing with their Adsense blogs they just want to earn money from traffic by writing anything which can be ranked.

Some other Reasons are!

They create blogs only to get one time visitors.

They stuff keywords to fool Google.

They just copy everything from other blogs and thinks that they are blogger.

They took 2 lines from 10 sites and create 1 blog post and still thinks they are bloggers.

They add unuseful information to Gain traffic from various keywords to their blog.

They never do research on topics their prime focus is on SEO and AdSense.

Show off your work not Stats and earning reports

I have many blogger friends, but only few of them are focusing on a long term blog, the rest of them always upload screenshots of their niche blogs earning, earning is not a bad thing but at least provide genuine information to people, so they can visit again.

And it’s true that if you don’t have a good reputed blog then you can’t be a Good blogger , your blog is giving you today but it’s not going to give you whole life if you don’t have a reputation in blogsphere, bloggers like Amit Agarwal, gets everything from his name, he has Good reputation and respect.

I have few Indian friends who are doing great work in blogging, Amrik Virdi(Techmoody.com), Aditya Nath Jha (inspire2rise.com), Likan patra (Right Ya Left) he is doing brilliant video blogging in Hindi.

What do you think?

I know many of you are not going to agree with me, because you are doing the same thing, but money is just for few day, reputation is everything.

I would like to hear from you what do you think about this post!


  1. Hi Nishant,

    I agree with all your points. And According to me also “Reputation is Everything, We should not give too much Importance to Money”

    Yes, We all should always feel proud for our blogs and even I too don’t understand why so many bloggers hide their URL’s. I mean they should reveal them so that we also come to know what they are doing apart from their MAIN Sites.

    You Know, I too Don’t even Like why people Just upload their stats and earning reports on Facebook and what they are trying to show us???? I really Hate them Who Always put their Daily stats as their Facebook Update as they don’t have any other work or they are just trying to show their PS Skills instead of Blogging Skills. Some of my friends also do this and sometimes it’s just irritating to handle all..

    In this Online as well as Offline world this “Name is Enough” really works and here you have given the example of Amit Agarwal Which is totally fit for this.. :)

    Umm… I agree Amrik Virdi, Aditya Nath Jha, Likan Patra are doing Great Jobs in their respective blogs but I know so many other Indian Bloggers too who are doing awesome work in their blogs and Nishant you are one of them. You are also doing great job in all your blogs. :)

    What to say about this post you are right in all your points and I’m totally agree with you. :)

    Keep Writing!


    • Sugandha Agarwal, they hides their Site Name Coz Of Devils like Who are born to Destroy them Coz God had Written a True Proverb “Jaisi Karni Waisi Bharni”.. These Bullshits Silly Bloggers hare too much Proudy and We Hackers Knows How to Bring them to Earth and Destroy their Blogs.. We had Destroyed Amrik Virdi Who still Fears to Put Any Ads on his Site still Now and will also fear in the Future..

      • I don’t know who you are, I know your name is also fake, but that’s true he is mentioned here not you, and on many blogs is that the power of a genuine blogger, if you write something good or bad about someone no one will read but if a reputed blogger do the same everyone follow them…

      • Hello,
        First thing I want to clarify that I never hide my blog url it’s techmoody.com. Secondly, I never ever added any kind of ads/banner or any third party advertisement since I started blogging. Yup! I am very very proud of myself and what I do. I don’t know how and when you have destroyed me LOL! because you’ve threatened me by saying that you will hack my blog soon and I am still waiting to get my blog hacked. Let me know when you will hack my blog :P :P may be in 2050 year.

        However, I want to let you know that Techmoody, my blog is rapidly gaining a strong subscriber base and a positive reputation in the area of technology tips recommendations day by day.

        So if you are dreaming that I am scared of something, you are wrong son. There is nothing like a word called “FEAR” in my dictionary.

        The reason why I didn’t added PPC advertising(such as adsense, adbrite etc.) because they are not worth my time and can’t able to pay me what my blog actually deserve. I am already earning good (actually awesome) through affiliate marketing, paid posting etc.

        Now let me tell son. You are nothing but a lamer who are lazy to work hard and dreaming to get tons of money without giving any effort. 95% of the time haters hate because they are jealous of you or have nothing better to do. You are one of them.

        Your following sites are the prime example of spams and garbage and you talk about success:

        And, I get thousand of spammy comments, emails on my blog and you are one of them. So what I do is I just push a empty spam button once a week without giving a single look on your shits. So I prefer not to waste a single second on lamer like you. Simply, you are not worth my time son.

        Call me a slut. Call me a whore. Call me whatever. I’ve heard it before. Say that I’m fake. Say that I lie. Say what you want. You won’t see me cry, because I know none of it’s true, but calling me all this shit, ha, what the hell does that make you?

        You only look at my fame, my reputation, my buddies, my career, etc., and believe that I am not worthy of them, since you are only looking at things at surface level. You don’t value the hard work I had put in behind the curtain – my sacrifices, my worries, my fears as well as the pains I’d experienced. That’s the sign of true lamer. That’s you son!

        What people like you are most scared of is silence. They think their existence when they know that you heard their voice. So it’s good to not talk back or argue with you anymore. You would only get more excited. I’ll not try to reason with you anymore. I know you just need my response to know that I actually cares about what you think or what you have to say.

        You are nothing but a jealous person. Nothing else.
        Sir George Carlin said: “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”. So I am not going to respond or spend a single second on an idiot like you after this comment.

        I wish you all the best what you do or what you gonna do in future in your lamer style.
        I am always ready for anything and I am the happiest person in the world right now smiling and cheering with my friends and family. You won’t see me cry, Sad but true ;) ;)

        Best regards,
        Amrik Virdi
        Anyone can directly contact me, I don’t hide anything ever and else.
        Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/amrik.virdi
        Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TechMoody
        Google+: plus.google.com/116720726571046432432
        Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/amrikvirdi

        :D :D :D

    • Good to know how fluidly your words care for bloggers, I’m inspired when people argue clearly.

    • Hi Sugandha,

      Thanks for writing comments in detail, we should always work for others if we want to earn money from blogging, if you work only for yourself or Google.
      Then you may earn good money in Initial phase of your career but you will stuck in the middle, if you have genuine readers and followers you can stand a new blog overnight, but if you are working for money you will not get any serious follower.

  2. Nice, And I Am Always Proud On My Websites,No Matter How Much Money They Are Making For Me..

  3. Hello Nishant,
    Thanks for mentioning my blog link.
    Building your blogging credibility is an important step. So I’ll simply say it: I believe a lot of blogs these days are just garbage and nor worth my time.
    I need to wade through masses of them to discover something beneficial. From time to time, I find a real jewel which makes the search rewarding, but for the most part I browse on by and never come back.

    As part of that reader habit, I’m sure I gloss over through a ton of blogs that are actually deserving. They simply don’t get me fast adequate to stop that automated behavioral instinct to go to the next website or hit the back browser button.
    A big part of my mindset is my automatic evaluation of the credibility, or lack thereof, of the blog itself.

    So, it’s clear that credibility and authority is more important than money.

    Good luck,
    Amrik Virdi

  4. I’m 100% Agree with you Nishant, the way many Bloggers only share their Income reports and traffic reports and not their Blog URL makes me feel kinda irritated. what’s the purpose of that bloggers if they only want to share only some pictures and not the the actual URL !
    In my views there should be transparency in Blogging, and the points you made out in the post are so true.

  5. Hello Nishant Babu,
    Pehli gal to ye, Article was good. But honestly I enjoyed the article section. :P
    Duji gal ye, Amrik I’m gonna hack your Blog. :D

  6. Thank you for the appreciation. But I don’t deserve it now.
    Not yet.

  7. Sugam Kumar says:

    Hello Nishant,

    You have written a nice post on good topic.. Probably I am in your fb friends list who used to share the earning and analytics stats. (Its only due to some reasons) ;). Leave it.. Let’s come to your post. I will say yes, reputation is the main thing for blogging career. But you can also run some time to time blogs with your special blogs. Amrik is one of my favorite blogger (I can say best writer).

    Amrik, I will say again that your previous blog was my favorite and still trying to get involved with techmoody. And Nishant, You are also in my top 10 blogger’s list to whom I know…

  8. Hello Nishant,

    Really nice post, I agree first thing for any blogger is to create reputation by engaging and connecting with other bloggers, sharing income report on blog post looks good for blogs which are specially created for for online money making tips, but many blogs started doing that out of the blue, probably because that kind of posts attract traffic.

  9. I agree with you Nishant :)

    I strongly mention that the bloggers need some qualities to stay as a blogger.

    Gaining reputation in the blogosphere is more important for the long term success.

    Yeah, I too came across many bloggers with their low quality blog posts which were taken and comprised by copying other blogs. They started saying that “am not getting traffic, money and all”.

    Even though am not getting any monetary benefits with my blog, am performing blogging with devotion.

    Thanks for writing the nice post, I wish every newbie blogger should read this post to learn some skills to withstand in blogging :)

  10. Hi Nishant, your articles are awesome dude. I always find interesting topics on your blog. Keep it up!

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