As mentioned in one of my previous blog post is “the more you write the more you expedite”. But for doing this you ought to have post ideas with you all the time so that your blogging doesn’t pause.

post ideas

You should always keep post ideas handy with you; but how?

There has to be some strategy or source from where you will be getting these ideas else this will take you away from the readers.

Let’s check out how to get new post ideas.

1. Commenting gives you post ideas

Users comment on your blog post if they find it to be a quality one. They put up questions to you at times because they think you to be an expert in that niche and with these you get some post ideas too.

Some knowledgeable ones even give you some valuable suggestions which can again turn out to be a well structured blog post.

All I have to say is to become a content king and capture the hidden blog post ideas so that your streamlined writing doesn’t come to an halt.

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2. Using Social Media Sites- good for post ideas

Social media sites like facebook or twitter helps you in getting a good platform as a blogger. You can share your articles in this and get numerous comments, likes and credibility. Not only that, by interacting with your friends you can also know their subjects and keen interest which will give you more post ideas to write upon.

3. Use TOPSY

Topsy is a real time search engine powered by the social web. Unlike traditional search engines, topsy indexes and ranks various search results based upon the most influential conversations millions of people are having everyday about each specific term, page or topic people are having every day. Basically it filters the search results which are helpful in getting post ideas.

4. Use Quora to get post ideas

Quora is a very useful site which has questions and answers in it. It aggregates all the questions and answers related to a particular site. Once again it will provide you with some good ideas. It is a knowledge sharing community that depends on everyone being able to pitch in their minor knowledge. This minor knowledge will give you good blog post ideas.

5. Industry news

You must always keep yourself updated by the latest news for the industry to which your blog is related. These new up comings will give you good ideas for your blog post. The more you know, the more you write and the more you write more popular you become.

6. LinkedIn gives you post ideas

LinkedIn has two segments- one is group and other is answers. The group sections make you a member of the community and people will know more about your blogging which will give you credibility and the second is answers which again like that of commenting have hidden post ideas in their questions.

What you can do is to answer a question in brief and make a blog post for that. If readers find your answer to be good then they will visit your entire blog for detailed information.

7. Seminars and education classes

Seminars give you a lot of information related to different topics. These will give a good knowledge about the updating technologies. Just pick up the most informative one and start writing.

8. Be a member in forums

Forums are a very popular way of communicating with your visitors, gaining traffic and also for getting good matter for your post. There are common questions at times which are put up by the visitors. Why not segregate them together and make a blog post of it.

9. Google Analytics

Google analytics helps in providing information like web traffic, search results, keywords and contents. You get numerous ideas for this. The keywords give you post ideas. Then make further research on these and you get ample amount of ideas for composing a quality post.

10. Social bookmarking sites

Various bookmarking sites like digg, reddit, stumbleupon will also provide you with different ideas. Even the sub pages in bookmarks give you post ideas for your niche.

Any time when you are stuck up with post ideas then try for the above ones. These ways have really helped me and are still helping me with different blog post ideas.

Time for you to speak!

What methods do you use to get post ideas other than these?


  1. I Think Post Ideas Don’t Need To Come. It Directly Appear In Front Of Us When We Interact With Many People In Day…

  2. Hi Atul,

    Thanks for the comment. You are correct that Ideas do come to us when we interact with people. But again it happens with many bloggers that they run out of posts ideas temporarily due to several reasons, which is not bound to any point. In those cases, these points mentioned above should help them to give them a jump start.

  3. Great post ! I liked the idea of google analytics. Never tried that out. Thanks for it. One more resource are the newspapers. Since they cover great and vast topics. Newspapers are a great source for ideas .

  4. Hi Harish,

    Yes you have pointed out a great resource of newspaper. Thanks for the addition. Just what commenting is for. I feel very glad you liked the post!

  5. Generally most of the time, I have used forums to get post ideas. And many times it was successful :-)

    • Hi Raplus!

      Thanks for dropping by. You are absolutely correct. Forums can be a heaven for getting new post ideas. As lot of radical thinkers and contributors are always present there.

  6. I used to get ideas from all sources that you have mentioned but not TOPSY. Let me try them Thank you Anubhab!

    • Hi Arjun,

      Topsy not only helps you yo get some great post ideas but by default makes sure, they are current and trending. As the results are always shown from the social media. Happy Blogging!

  7. Hey Nice Post,
    I am always getting new post ideas while reading the posts. You have mentioned many ways thanks for it.

    Sohil Memon.

  8. Is there a guide on using Google Analytics?
    I somehow can’t get the hold of it.

    • Hi Manveet,

      Thanks for asking the question. Even I feel the point has been a bit under explained by me in the post so here it goes. As far I feel Analytics is the experimentation hubspot for all blogs and websites. You do certain experiments and tweaking and you can always see some results depending on that one. It can be either good or bad. So you either find out the way it works or it does not. So plenty of ideas to write post on. I recently did an experiment and it skyrocketed my traffic. Though it was referral from social media, but people came in a genuine way. So these are the things you can always leverage to write posts upon.


  9. I think this post will help me in creating new blogging ideas to write blogs about my posts.

  10. Really, I don’t know, from these ways we can get the new ideas to write the posts for the blog. I thought that the social media sites are to share the new posts. After reading this, am getting that we can get the new ideas to create posts for our own blogs. Gonna try now for my blogs and thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Nirmala,

      Indeed social networks can be of great value to get post ideas. A quick search with hash tags in twitter can unearth a ton of gold quality post ideas. So does Pins and others. Just let your creative mind flow and ideas should start pouring in from one another

  11. Hello Anubhab, Really an awesome tips bro. Generally i use social media sites and blog commenting for new blog post ideas. Thanks for sharing this great tips :)

  12. this post will surelly help me to creating new blogging ideas

  13. Great post Anubhab. Haven’t used Topsy and Quora for generating blog post ideas. Will give it a try very soon. Thanks for including those.

  14. Great list of tips for post ideas, Anubhab. I especially like your tips about blog comments. This is a fantastic way to get ideas for blog posts. I regularly get ideas for blog posts from the comments my visitors leave. Another good source to get topics ideas is forums. Forums are goldmines for post ideas and I use forums on a regular basis to get my wheels turning. You can use the sort feature to sort the threads by views and quickly get an ides of the hot topics in your niche based on the number of views the thread has. Thanks for sharing this post on I appreciate your insights!


  15. Hi Ti,

    Its great I was able to provide you with useful tips. And Thanks for sharing it on I really appreciate it. Visit us again.


  16. Hi Anubhab,
    First of all Thanks for Contributing a Great Post on My Blog.

    I think The first most important and difficult problem faced by a bloggers is getting post ideas because many bloggers writes very well but they stuck what to write, so all points which you have mentioned above are awesome and really helps to get Ideas for next posts.
    I think To improve productivity one thing we need its Creativity.
    Thanks a lot for the Post!
    All the best for your Blogging!

  17. Hi Nishant,

    Thanks for the appreciation. I cannot undermine that you have given hard labor to make my guest posting experience an awesome one. I really felt it to be my own website the way I was greeted. Cheers to our success!


  18. I always take notes on my mobile and pc when any post idea pops into my head so i wont forget it with time that way i have never ran out of post ideas.

  19. You can also get post ideas from current tech updates and releases. That is like ” wordpress 3.5 came”, “itunes stores in India”. These kind of news can be got from press releases.

    Sometimes even the small doubt of your friend can create a post.

  20. very nice post. I think reading magazines and sometimes TV also give you so many ideas to write your next blog post. :)

  21. Getting post idea is yet mysterious for me! I think no one can tell exactly that when a post idea can generate! Because, It can be produced elsewhere!

  22. Thank you for sharing great content. How can we use google analytics for get ideas. It is depends on our previous posts or keywords still in our blog right ?
    How can we get new post ideas in that ?

  23. I never hard about TOPSY before, thanks for informing me..

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