Blogging for business and blogging for passion are totally different , my old post “You are only a Businessman stop calling that you are a Blogger”, I shared my views about Today’s blogging trend and the post was appreciated by the my readers and my fellow bloggers and I am really thankful to them.

I am not denying the fact that the blog is a need for a business, and I am sure a blog can give you much better results for your business, must read a story of my friend.

Once my friend told me that his father doing business of providing cabs, buses for the family holidays and also for pick and drop, but they are not getting that much customers in the off season, I live in Delhi(India) and most of the families used to visit hill stations in summer vacations and the rest of the year they get very less customers, they have cab services but due to lack of investment in marketing they were getting very less calls for pick up service.

I suggest his father to create a blog for their business, and they agreed, I helped them in all procedures for starting a simple blog, after sharing my some online experience my friend started writing on his father’s business blog.

The result was not good in the first few months, but he was working regularly on blog, after doing some work on SEO and blog optimization,  they got their first call from the internet for the pickup, and now they are getting 4, 5 calls daily only from the Internet and the rest depends on their services.

I shared this story because Local Businesses are very much depends on their old customers, but there is no loss if you can get new customers, you can grow your business to new heights.

Because most of the people who visit your city don’t know anything about your place and internet is the only way where they can get information.

I am sharing some benefits of the internet and Blogging for your local Business.

Your web presence surely improves your business and it will help you to improve your sales figure and nowadays if your business is not online then you will have to suffer in future, because internet is the future of business and in developed countries like US Internet is the main part of all kinds of businesses.

where ya at matt

Like many food Truck owners of US  has created their online profiles to interact with new and current customers, one of the popular one is “Where Ya At Matt”, Owned by Matt Lewis, he has thousands of followers on Twitter (@WhereYaAtMatt) and Facebook, they also have their own website.

How to start working on your Web presence?

india vs US

As per a survey only 45% of the Indian small businesses use any kind of blog and website for their business where in US 85% of small businesses use blogs and website to promote their business online.

Create Business Website with blog

Website and Blog both are important for a business, many people are confused about website and blog, Website is a place where you can show your information about your business, what you offer, pricing and features, But in the blog you share about your latest events and activities with your consumers and readers, a blog update frequently where website needs to be updated rarely.

Use Google Places

Everyone uses Google to search any kind of information about a product or company, and Google places gives you exact information with map by which anyone can locate your business easily on the web.

Create Social profiles

2013 is going to be the year of social media, now a days people are more active on sites like twitter, Facebook and other similar sites, and these are the great resource to improve your business and your sales figure, social sites provides you a great platform to interact with your customers and you can also get feedback without spending too much money.

Use indiagetonline (for Indians Only)

For Indian Local businesses Google had started a program India Get Online in 2011, by using India to get Online you can create a free website for your small business.

In India all large businesses are having their business blog with their official websites, but local businessmen never use Internet for their business, Please share your views about my post.


  1. Sounds like great to promote a business with blog. Even small scale business operation can be enhanced with blogging preference.

  2. This post definitely helpful for who want to create a blog, By seeing this post they can understand why blog should be create. And thanks for info.

  3. Nice article Nishant. I never knew about the Indiagetonline initiative. Thanks for the info.

  4. Clear n informative post Nishant!
    Now days every business needs internet and blog to get great exposure among the people. Thanks for including the details about indiagetonline.

  5. Wow! You are pretty lucky you have something like indiagetonline. Hopefully, there’s a program like that here in the Philippines.

    Local businesses MUST really have websites. FYI – a lot of small businesses around here don’t have them and it’s kinda frustrating. I’m hate going to a store and end up disappointed because they don’t have the product I am looking for. I wish they have a website so that I could just check if they have this product or something like that.

  6. Google places really helps a lot of businesses to reach their customers..The reverse is also true..As you said Internet is the future of business..Either join the bandwagon or loose the business.

  7. Hey Nishant.
    That’s a well put article. I don’t usually READ post, I scan through them. But your magical writing made me read it fully. Keep it up. :)
    And thanks for sharing.

  8. Good ways to promote local business.Indiagetonline is provide good service is like that….

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