Loyal Readers

Your readers are the lifeline of your blog, when you write something and you have loyal readers then your readers will always appreciate your work, and if you are working well then you will get lots of readers but it’s very difficult to hold someone to read your blog regularly, When someone reads your blog then you should respect their time, your readers are not free to read they are also busy like you, and when you write interesting things, your readers will spend time on your blog from their busy schedule.

Loyal readers add value to your blog, if you have a large loyal reader base then your blog worth will be high, so loyal readers are like assets or something like Goodwill.

Know Your Readers

Do you know, Which kind of People loves to read your blog?, If you don’t know which kind of people like your blog articles, then it’s impossible to make loyal readers, if you don’t know about your readers so how you can write for them, so first understand your readers, who they are what they love to read.

You can ask your readers by surveys, polling etc. You will get a better idea what your readers want from you.

Be friendly with Readers (Use Emotions)

When someone comments on your blog or share your blog post to social media or with their friends, you must appreciate their work, and say thanks to your readers.

At the time of writing, give personal touches in your post, you can use your personal story, that will engage more readers, people love to read stories and if you can connect your story or a story of some else with your articles, it will really help you to connect with your audience in a better way.

Keep it Simple

You are not an English Professor and your readers are same as you, if you can make your post simple that will gives you some more loyal readers, because nobody is expert in English and if you use typical vocabulary in your writing then people may leave your blog, Vocabulary is very important for your improvement, but use it in limits you can use some typical words in some phrases but not everywhere.

You can also add Images in your post to make it more attractive.

Stick with your Design

Many new bloggers change their blog design in every few weeks, I would suggest them you are killing your blog if you are changing your blog design frequently, If you stick with one design, your readers will understand the design and they can navigate easily and they become used to of that design, but if you change your design they have to understand your design again, it can create a negative impact on your readers , so always choose design with proper research and then stick with that design, also stick with the same color schemes of your Blog.

Give them a Personal Welcome

When someone subscribes your blog through Email, Facebook, Twitter, then you can give them a personal welcome on their email or on their social profile, that will help you to communicate better with your audience, if someone subscribes your blog then add them to your social profiles, and always be in touch with them.

Make your readers Famous

If a post is inspired by the suggestion of your reader then do mention the reader’s name, your readers would love to see their names, and they will focus more on  your future work, and your readers’ feedback always important, you should always ask questions about your writing and your blog, and your loyal readers love to answer your questions.

I know you also have more Ideas about this topic, please share your Ideas, Views and Suggestions in Comments.


  1. Yep, I’m following all 6 of these may not be the last one but I’m set with my blog and have crossed 100 email subscribers very recently. My blog’s having a great converting rate recently and I guess that proves my case.

    If I may, What is the best share plugin you could suggest for WordPress? I’m having nightmares with that and I’m really confused.


    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Aditya,
      Its good you are getting good Conversion Rate, Thanks for the comment,and Digg Digg and Twitter Facebook Sharing Plugins are the best Sharing Plugins available.
      Check them.!

  2. I am agreed with you Nishant.

    The points are really great to turn any kind of reader into loyal reader.

    As most of the readers just want fame ;-)

    BTW, really liked your post. Good Going! :-D

  3. Really a nice post nishant :)
    Interacting with your readers on regular basis is quite an important task, if you want to keep them as your regular readers.
    All the points listed in your post are must follow :D

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Abhishek,
      Thanks for writing Comment on this post, and you are right Interaction is quite Important part of Blogging, if you cant help your readers then nobody loves to read your blog, help them solve their problems.

  4. Hello Nishant

    very nice and attractive post.
    as i am already followig these all step.but your work on this topic is amazing.
    keep it doing

  5. Nice post again !! I agree that we should be friendly with our readers and never ignore them while they search for answers !

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      I agree with you brother, if you Ignore your readers they will ignore you, and soon your blog will die.
      Thanks for sharing your views.

  6. Agreed … I try to follow all of them. If a someone comments on my blog for the first time I try to greet him like “Welcome to iShouvik …” followed by my comment and I have seen that it adds an extra piece of easiness to the reader.

    Also, thank for tweeting the posts etc.

  7. I always like to reply to comments on my blog with a smiley :)

    Because it adds emotion as you mentioned here.

    I would like to add one extra point to your ‘adding images’ point. Using a smiling and pleasant author pic is also very helpful because personally, I don’t like following bloggers who look so serious!

    Nice post by the way Nishant :)

    • Right, Having a Decent Cool Image is really helpful to connect with readers, if you look serious they will think you will not respond, smiley face attracts everyone!

      I like the way you add smileys in your comments, I will try to do the same, Thanks for your views.

  8. Hi Nishant,

    Never think about the design that way. I just change my design due to technical problems of my previous design.

    I going to make explanation for that :)


  9. Wow It is nice informative post. I am also agree your all point. our reader really life of my blog. thanks for sharing this valuable post. :)

  10. Wow! great article. For a moment it looked like that you have written only for me :=)

  11. Hi,
    I think you have said the right word and I agree with you too. You must know your readers and also content must be written in an easy language so that your readers understand it well. Readers would also appreciate if you could give them a personal welcome. This is needed. Thanks for the share!!

  12. Hi Aditi,
    Thanks for the Comment, content should be easily readable we are not writing for writing competitions we are writing for our readers who are not English professors, Right!

  13. nice article bro….a blogger should always be reader’s friend

    whatever they need blogger should provide that knowledge.

  14. I truly believe that Comments power the web 2.0 features of a Blog. You might have come across blogs like problogger or basicblogtips where readers enjoy talking through comments.

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