Mistakes by bloggers

As the title I am sharing 3 mistakes of a new blogger, they do when they start a new blog. May be some new bloggers are smart with Internet marketing strategy so they perform better than other new bloggers.

Blogging is easy for those who understand its way of working and who knows how to get benefits from all internet activities for their blog.

Mistake #1 – New Blogger Works for Google

Blogging is at its most competitive time, nowadays bloggers focusing on making google happy instead of making their readers happy, But as per my suggestion never work for google, you can get love from google naturally without any much efforts, just focus on your blog and content, if you do everything perfectly you will get benefits in return, many new bloggers do many efforts to build links and spam their links to whole web, that’s why they never get good results from google, google is the number one search engine and very Smart to find spammers or improper activities from a blog.

You should work for your readers not for google, when you work for readers you will have your own audience and you will get lots of social influence.

Social Influence will give you lots of exposure, because if you are writing what people wants then you will get traffic naturally.

Mistake #2 -Afraid to Implement New ideas

A blogger starts a blog by following someone’s ideas, you will see most of new bloggers are following other successful blogger’s ideas on their blog and expecting their success like others, but when you implement someone’s idea your blog treated as a just another blog.

New bloggers are very smart but they don’t want to use their own brain, only because they don’t know the result of their new ideas, that’s why they start following other bloggers activities for their success.

If you have a new idea never hesitate to try it, Your Idea can make lots of difference and makes you stand out of the crowd.

Mistake #3 -New Bloggers Spend Less Time in Learning

New bloggers mostly focus on content creation and promotion, they spend their most of time to write post and rest time in promoting their posts, there are many new bloggers who writes 5,6 blog posts in a day on tech blogs, but you should understand post count doesn’t matter, if you are thinking that having 500 posts on your blog will attract huge traffic then you are in misconception, its true you will get traffic but you can get the same traffic from 100 posts as well, if your content is good enough and informative you will get huge traffic.

Bloggers spend time to promote their blog on Facebook and other social sites without any research about their audience, if you spam 100 groups on Facebook and tweet 10 times a single post you will get only negative results and it will not help you to promote your blog.

So you should learn the ways from the Pro Bloggers how to promote a blog in a Decent way, and other things will be fine without that much effort.

Learn about SEO and traffic generation techniques you should follow blogs who teach you how to improve blogging, but most of new bloggers follow how making money kind of blogs.

This is not the END

Everyone makes mistakes in their blogging, my previous blog is now crap due to my mistakes, but now I learned a lot about blogging, and I would like to thank my fellow bloggers for supporting me.

If you are new never hesitate in asking for help from someone, but respect the standard for that person.


  1. i do agree…new blogger don’t try to learn and they go just what they see about pro bloggers

    • Hi Sahil
      Right Pro Bloggers are just for Kick start the career of new bloggers, if you really want to learn then learn their ways of building blogs not their earnings and success stories.
      Thanks for the Comment!

  2. Everyone told that blogging needs time. You need patience to do great in blogging. Yes it is 100% true. Everyone believes and say that I am ready to invest time but practically they don’t.

    We see successful bloggers (already invested much time) and start copying them(as fast as we can). Always in hurry to find some shortcuts that can make success in a night. I think that’s the reason we start making such mistakes.

    What you say Nishant??

    • Hi Vipin Pandey,

      First of all thanks to you for giving so much love from you, you are the one who comment on my every post.

      And you are right, new bloggers wants to earn like pro but dont want to spend time, they become probloggers because they have spend their valuable years in blogging and after the lots of hard work and dedication they found themselves as a pro blogger,but new bloggers wants everything in speed, blogging needs patience and time.

      Thanks for the Comment Vipin .

  3. Ya I fully agree with your words in article,many i think almost do this

  4. Hi Nishant..

    Again Great Post Ever.. i agree with your Point “Mistake 3″ New Bloggers Spend Less Time in Learning…i really like this point.. and every blogger needs Investment.. Thanks For Sharing this Helpful Tips :)


  5. very infromative article Nishant , i am totally agree with you .Quantity of post in a blog does not matter if they have no quality .
    thanks for the article bro .

  6. I will just say that every new blogger is not like Nishant and that’s why he may not be able to get success easily as a blogger.. There are many mistakes which new bloggers do and that’s why it is necessary that new bloggers should learn somethings from bloggers who are already very popular.

    A blogger should always try new ideas and this is the thing which I am learning from you Nishant. You are always trying out new things and this is the reason which is making your blog look so impressive.

  7. Absolutely correct Nishant……
    These are very common mistake that most of bloggers made.

    Apart from these few other mistakes are

    1- Bloggers think that blog is like an ATM machine that will start throwing money from day 1.

    2- Bloggers don’t want to interact with their fellow blogger…… either they hesitate or they are in a different ego world.

    3- They don’t enter in blogging with a proper execution plan.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Sandeep Bro,

      You are right, some new bloggers hesitate to learn new things, and they never implement their own ideas they just start following others without any research.

      At last your 3rd point it most important, proper execution plan is very important before starting any blog.
      it will give you a better idea of your blogging and Growth speed will also increase.

  8. Yes, you are right Nishant! Google is perfect in catching the spammers. I liked your 2nd point too. As they are new, they would struggle n fear to implement the new ideas. It happens for me too, anyway thanks for writing such a nice informative article. Hope this would help the newbies to avoid these mistakes and helpful to do better blogging.

  9. Hi.
    Its not about the annoying someone , its about the reputation everyone one knows the answers of simple questions, but some new bloggers never put their efforts, always ask others to solve their problems.

  10. I think if you are writing unique content which users wants then there is no doubt that you will get search traffic and traffic from social sites, I always say that being natural, sometimes for optimizing a blog we create an over optimized blog by mistake.

  11. Hi Nishant, Great article bro. Totally agreed with your points. I some times does the second mistake i.e. i will afraid to implement some new ideas. Thanks for Sharing bro!

  12. True points Nishanth! Now a days newbies working for Google only, their first query is how to build links / how to get adsense. They can improve their blog only when they started searching for how to create killer content / how to reduce bounce rate something like this.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Sai Krishna,

      Adsense is the only thing which attracts new bloggers into blogging and one of the main things which kill a blogger’s career, when a blogger start working for money only they care about Adsense not about his blog content.

      Thanks for the Comment! :)

  13. The biggest mistake in newbies is that they want to make money in the very first month of blogging which is not possible and later this leads to failure.

    • Nishant Srivastava says:

      Hi Atish,

      You are right bro, and I know you helped me and other many bloggers in their blogging career.

      Money making is the last step of Blogging.!

  14. I also see many bloggers frustrated when they face failures like they are not getting attention. It could be money problem too.

  15. You are correct mate. I am 100% agree with all your points and that’s the reason new bloggers got frustrated and loose their hope for blogging career.

    I’d like to suggest one thing especially for new bloggers that they should make good relationship with bloggers by doing comments, sharing biggies stuffs, etc.

    Thanks for your superb post :)

    You are going to become epic writer :)

    go ahead

    • Hi mohd Aktar,

      Thanks for stopping by, new bloggers are very sensitive and they frustrate when things are not in their favor.

      I agree with you when new bloggers start building relationships with pro bloggers they learn lots of things and also they get lots of exposures as well.

      Thanks for the Superb Comment!

      All the Best for your Blogging Bro!

  16. Many bloggers are mainly focused words achieving fame. They think that one can become millionaires by overnight. They don’t understand the meaning of consistency and hard work.

    • Hi Jason,

      You can’t be millionaires by overnight from the internet, unless you develop something really great application, which worth of millions.
      But that also needs lots of time in development.
      New bloggers show their hunger of making money instead of learning.

  17. I also do think that most newbie bloggers are mostly interested in the money aspect of blogging and also afraid to implementing their own ideas as you said.

  18. I am also new in blogging. thanks @Nishant sharing your opinions. I will try to make different in my blog. Thanks for sharing this informative post. :)

    Rahul Kashyap

    • I think that its not only new bloggers makes mistakes , but also we can say that practice make a man perfect . Exploring new things is only the way to success . in every field we need hard work .

  19. hello,

    i really appreciate your thought i am very new in this format and i love to know your idea and experience.
    i am truly agree that new bloggers does n`t use there idea still they have great idea but afraid to apply .
    please Nishant send some more idea, thank u

  20. I will not say that I am disagreed with your point, yes when I was newbie in this field I used to follow these mistakes but gradually I learned from it. Btw nice article!

  21. Yes here is reader satisfaction first. Because blog is only for read. And here you no need to write for Google, because Google in the only search engine company who always takes care of it’s users and they also suggesting all website owners to take care of users. So you will make Google, happy if you make your readers happy.

  22. very cool and informative article but I’m doubtful for you one point don’t focus on google but google is the main source of blogger traffic why can’t focus on google

  23. Nice points.. i agree with this posts.. 1st, we need read and learning more…
    after that, we need to write quality content..

  24. Hi Nishant,
    Agreed with you every point you explained very well. Today’s blogger is not doing their job well as pro bloggers already explained that readers are more important than money. Quality is everything and money is thing.

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